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I visited Ferens earlier this year before the TP items were put on display, and also found it to be rather splendid.
Despite having little interest in the 1st floor ceramics - except the Grayson Perry - the displays on the ground floor galleries were generally excellent.
I wanted to visit Hull at some time during 2017 but was put off by the extortionate train ticket prices.

dg writes: I booked a month in advance with Hull Trains, with no railcard, and paid less than £30 return.
A fresh and interesting perspective, as always.

> …Electrical Gaza, an eye-opening documentary showing daily life inside this hard-to-enter West Bank enclave

At risk of seeming insensitive to underlying issues, the West Bank is the other Palestinian territory from Gaza, not, I think, an umbrella term for both. And Gaza has a coast and a border with Egypt as well as its de facto border with Israel, so is an exclave from the West Bank but not geographically an enclave – though border controls and population density no doubt give rise to a sense of enclavement. (I appreciate that your comments page is no place for excessive pedantry or potentially inflammatory threads, so will understand if this feedback disappears before it detracts from other comments.)
"I appreciate that your comments page is no place for excessive pedantry..."

Were that this was so :)

Updated, thanks.
Gah. Beaten to it. Was going to make a similar comment to Rich G.

I recommend visiting Hull though. Did (part of) the Larkin trail a few weekends ago (Hull Trains cheap tickets helped too), in part using advise from DG's past coverage of it. Something of a characterful city, unlike anywhere else in England or the UK.

Though annoyingly the Ferens gallery turned out to be closed that weekend.
Not only can you get to Hull and back from London for under £30 but there are B&Bs at a similar price if you don't mind somewhere a little rundown away from the posh bits (and yes, there are some!). I know DG can do a whirlwind tour of any location in a day but for us mere mortals Hull has enough to fill several days. I spent a very enjoyable few days there last month, even though like Dominic I found the Ferens closed for hanging the Turner Prize stuff.

Did you see the Dead Bod?
To add to the day's pedantry, "Would that this were so" is more used than
"Were that this was so".
(quietly screams)

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