please empty your brain below

Photograph taken in the shopping centre beneath Canary Wharf.

All the Christmas trees have decorative "CCTV in operation here" baubles hanging on them.

Why? What demented security official decreed that this was a good idea?

Christmas - it's not what it was.

Happy Boxing Day greetings from Fish Island, CCTV cameras watching the Christmas Trees, It does not really suprise me as every time I drive onto the "Canary Wharf Private Estate" just to do a bit of shopping I get stopped by the security and an "Explosive's Swab Test" is carried out all over the steering wheel and on the door handles, I'm often tempted to break open a cheap firework, plant a speck of gunpowder on the door handle and see what happens to me.

they're meant to make you feel more secure?

Well it lends new meaning to the phrase "secret santa" anyway

Oh, I love Pete's comment!

Well, it's more subtle than, "Don't steal the baubles!"

Fishislandskin - is that Michael D I wonder?

Would anyone want to steal them?

Obviously, a lot of thought went into decorating it.

It really does look tacky..

Ooh, now a cctv notice is JUST what I have been looking for ...

The most depressing (on a small scale) thing I've seen for a good while.

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