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So Allders hasn't quite succumbed to the recession yet I see, though I'm not at all surprised that even in its Croydon home, its future is uncertain. I wonder how much longer the store can hold out?

One of my kids endured work experience at a temporary exhibition of strange phenomena that was held at the Croydon Clocktower. For two weeks he stood by the entrance and would occasionally refill the tank hidden inside the head of the magical weeping Virgin Mary.

Also, I wonder if the museum has swept aside all trace of Paul Gadd, as I seem to recall that his memorabilia was prominently and proudly displayed in the section for notable residents.

Yikes, I lived in a small place just outside Croydon for 2 years. Croydon appears to be bigger now than it was then in... 1972.

Ah, the Whitgift Centre and Allders....... that was our "big" shopping trip when I were a lad.... up from Surrey we came every few months.

The highlight for me was an excellent model shop in the Whitgift centre, I bet that's not there any more. Not just Airfix but all the obscure Tamiya, Revell and other kits.

sounds like public transport is just as frustrating in croydon as it is here. are the shiny towers of 2020 any better than the towers of the '60s & '70s? modern architecture seems to be as boring as modern car design is when compared to '50s & '60s. how did croydon get its' name?

I like the architecture of the 50p building!

Croydon produced Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne so it's done something right. The Finisterre film is a great portrait of London.

A very accurate description. Sadly.

The Damned also came from Croydon

Fifty pee building? Threepenny bit, surely. Or has that been updated like everything else?

Croydon's "50p building" (or "Threepenny bit building") was completed in 1970. That's a year after the introduction of the 50p, and a year before decimalisation. So take your pick.

Not sure which is correct, but Croydon has lots of history, contrary to popular belief.

I think Croydon rocks - I saw Talking Heads and the Ramones there
And, hey, don't forget that there's nowhere, anywhere, that has used blue-tinted mirror glass the way that Croydon has!

The only time I ever went to Croydon was to visit Beanos record store. Fantastic place, now sadly closed in its previous format, but possibly opening again as something called 'Market Place', going by their website.

Ah, Allders. My father (a native Croydonian) was immensely proud of the fact that Allders was the fourth largest department store in the UK. I wonder if that's still the case?

I also seem to remember him claiming that Croydon is also the largest town in the UK not to be a city, again, not sure if that's true either.

before it became part of London, croydon was a county borough ie not part of surrey... it was the largest county borough which wasn't a city... t he problem with it being so close to London is that it's suburbs are suburbs of London also, and so is it... so is croydon the centre of Loads of districts, or is it a large district with lots of smaller districts beneath it... London is a myriad of confusion!

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