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Sweet and touching. Friends like that, for as long as that, are jewels beyond price. Treasure him.
What a lovely write up, DG.
Definition of a true friend - forgoing a night out to allow for writing up a bus stop visit!
Aw how lovely. Happy anniversary to DG and BestMate!
You are very lucky to have such a person in your life, I have had friends who come very close to being on par with your best mate but sadly none who have quite got there.
DG you have written a fantastic explanation on what real friendship is and how rare it is.
The really wonderful thing is that you know that and treasure it.
Such a priceless friendship is, perhaps, beyond understanding... it just IS.
Thanks for sharing DG.
That genuinely touched me. Proper long term friends are a special thing.
This is beautifully written, thank you for sharing DG. I can relate to being the quiet one happily buoyed along by friendship.
A terrific tribute to a friendship that has clearly enhanced your life. It's instructive that one's BestMate doesn't necessarily need to regard you as their Bestie. As an ambivert (with a strong introvert instinct) I have a long-term friend to whom I'm the outgoing leader and organiser.. and another where I'm comfortably the reserved follower. Both are vital to my life too, in different ways.
This is lovely. My eyes seem to be expressing water. Here's to many more years of your friendship.
What a splendid and beautifully written tribute, especially at this time when so many of us are missing face to face contact with our friends.
Thanks also to Best Mate for looking after DG all these years.
For most of us, an OtherHalf
neatly doubles as BestMate.
It is a pity that DG has not
successfully maintained a
relationship with an OtherHalf
for most of his lifetime !
Awww, that's lovely. Here's to the next 20 years of friendship.
Very touching DG
How many so called Facebook friends is one best mate worth?!
A beautiful paean to friendship DG. This post has really made my day.
Yes, me being on the other side of the world to my best mate has caused a lapse i often fret about. Perhaps it's time i do something about it. Thank you for that.
I've never really had a personal friend, a confidant. Well done you for having such a good one. Sexual, non sexual, there are so many different relationships that work for people. I am slightly envious but having a partner who does much as you describe is a decent consolation for me.
BestMate and I have just been out for an anniversary walk round E20 (which was the most appropriate postcode we could think of).

We reminisced. We shivered. We spotted two herons and what we hoped was a water vole but turned out to be a rat. We will do better next year.

Lovely write up. err.. "congrats" ?? :-D
A beautifully written piece DG. Don’t ever forget that many of us turn to your blog each day for comfort and familiarity as well as to learn something new. A digital friendship if you like.
A bus-stop visit must always be recorded asap. Who on earth would not understand that??!
A lovely account of your friendship. Long may it continue.
A lovely read. Here's to friendship. Happy anniversary.
Congratulations to you and BestMate on the 20th anniversary of your friendship.
A beautiful piece. Very life-affirming, thanks.
Lovely post.

But how do you remember that precise date you met ?!

dg writes: ...not to mention the precise time, 9.30pm. :)
Lovely - I really enjoyed reading that.
You mention that best mate has a much stronger need to be in contact with lots of people than you do - I do hope BM is coping with lockdown. Those of us who thrive on being in the same room as our friends can struggle a bit with this (seemingly endless) lockdown purdah and zoom calls just don't match that experience.

Ah, think I've figured it out now :)
I think everyone has already expressed what I too feel. I read it out loud to my husband and son. They also enjoyed it. BF’s are very hard to find and keep. I have not really succeeded, but I’m ok with that. I do have friends. Just not a trusted best. Thanks DG.
Absolutely brilliant. Can he be subcontracted out, as he sounds great....

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