please empty your brain below

Poster:'2020'. Nudge - Mayoral election.
Leaflet: Picture of Mayor. No 2020 needed.
My two penn'orth, anyway.
I opt for the bureaucracy theory
Authorities do like to be disingenuous. Here in Melbourne, notices are up saying that Myki (the equivalent of your Oyster) fares are changing on January the 1st. The only change is that fares are rising, but no, they are just changing.
(Purdah theory) Get the good electioneering out before purdah blocks such publicity.. Could also have written, "As your mayor I have reduced the amount of money available (for the last 4 years) to invest in our network for day to day maintenance by freezing the fares."
Ps tfl has blocked internally so you may find your readership has dropped
I think the conspiracy theory is the most accurate. Even if the mayor changes person it doesn't mean fare would be raised the next day.

Otherwise, the word "until" can well be replaced by "in" or "for", either of which would give a much clearer narrative.
As the Oyster caps haven't been frozen, even someone just using TfL rail services (Underground, Overground etc) may find themselves paying more anyway
Maybe (ineptitude theory) it meant to say 2021 but TfL proofreaders are useless!!
To be fair, that fares leaflet is really hard to find - I've only seen it at London City Airport.
TfL can't promise that the next mayor (in post from May 2020) won't adopt an approach that involves changing at least some fares before the end of 2020 to minimise any ongoing impact on TfL's finances. Of course "frozen" precludes putting them down as well, but I think we can rule out that possibility.
" blocked at work".

But not on a smart mobile phone (or similar device) using your own 4G data :-) but may need a strategic visit to the loo to not make this obvious.

Typing a response a bit more of a pain of course.
When the fare rise comes, it will be interesting to see what form it takes and whether there will be any "sweeteners".

My proposal: raise the fares (especially buses-£2, and off peak outer zones also £2 to match), but extend the "hopper" concept to 75 minutes and multi-mode travel e.g. bus/tube or train/bus within the hour--pay only for the tube or train.

Maybe for social reasons have price freeze on buses that do not go into Zone 1 or Zone 1/2, or on specific "locals" routes (but a hopper still charged at maximum bus fare price)
It's got to be ineptitude. I too have tried to find the leaflet to give it the pedant's perusal but without success.
Their must be lot's of grocers apostrophes left behind by proofreaders. What am I saying? They'll have been "let go" as cost cutting if the post existed at all.
What am I saying? Get rid of staff when there's easier to do, massively more complicated to understand short-termist answers to the empty wallet phenomenon. Freeze investment! Leave it to the future to clean up.
If governments can get away with it, why shouldn't TfL? We live in a messy wasn't me mate self-aggrandizing society as it is. Viz: Crossrail 2, HS 2, Runway 3, Gt. Nth. Rail project, Merseyrail ~ all stuck in sidings, delayed by over-running engineering work; all hæmorrhaging money.
It's not just this country either: witness the state of US train stock and infrastructure or the eye-watering cost overruns of Berlin's new airport from €2bn to nearer €5½bn!
I hope lot's of grocers apostrophes was deliberate, JP.

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