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I'm one of those 50 who enter diamond geezer blog every morning into Google
So am I. But of course I don't actually type those words. On laptop I only need to type "d" and the rest types itself. On phone I have a thingy on my home page, so it's just one poke of my fat finger.
Another “d” with autofill every morning. And I rotate phone screen to landscape to read to cope with the mobile unfriendliness (and my aging eyesight)
I click the "bookmark" labelled dg (which happens to appear between LOTS and ENfk).
“diamond geezer” is my top bookmark and the first thing I read most days. Just above “IanVisits”. I also use the Google search in the sidebar from time to time.
Yep, it's a single "D" that gets me here every day on the laptop - but auto-bookmarked on my mobile.
Right - "Larry Grayson's house in Nuneaton"; that had to be my reading-material for this Monday morning! I'm sad that you didn't manage to find the house, though.
The only time I find it mobile-unfriendly is when sometimes the comments are very long lines and too tiny to read without going into landscape mode and zooming - as is the case today.
Someone told me once why this happens, it's something to do with line endings by one commenter but I didn't understand.
I’m another who just types in d and always turns my phone to read the comments. Keep up the good work.
Of course the answers would be different for that other major search engine, Bing (and hence also DuckDuckGo, which uses Bing but in a way that delivers their promised privacy benefits).

Definitely not in first 1 or 2 results on Bing/DDG for the list at the end of the post.

(Other major regional and minor search engines exist.)
Extra points on "diamond geezer" and "diamondgeezer" that while the blog is first, your Twitter is fifth and your Flickr eighth
You are one of the select few on my Chrome bookmarks bar; and I always get to Ian Visits, Londonist and London Reconnections from your blogroll.
(After having read you, of course!)
I have a Chrome bookmark, so haven't googled your blog for years/decades!

Your top 10 prompted me to have another look at your excellent (and at this time of year depressing) sun elevation article. I felt the full gloom effect of being 55 degrees north yesterday.
Wasn't there a survey a couple of years ago about the size of a city's population and its economic growth, perhaps this applies here, the more stuff you add to your blog, the more Googlers land on your page.

Of course at some point Google will change the algorithm and traffic will drop 90% overnight.
(a) I would like to apologise for reading the blog almost exclusively via RSS and so not contributing - most of the time, at least - to either page impressions or Google traffic.

(b) I just accidently pressed "enter" before I had finished entering your URL in my address bar, and got a lot of search results for "Diamo". That was an eye-opener on a Monday morning.
Another who arrives vis RSS (Vienna on a Mac.)
Bookmarked for me but delighted about the serendipity of 24th November!

I sometimes us Google to search for your content, but more often will go straight to your own search on here as I know if anywhere has a post on something obscure, it will be here!
Congrats on all your 10.000 milestones!
I read you on the feeder, go to the post if I want to comment, but use google when I’m going to visit a place and want to check you’ve been and get some tips. Thank you for your services!
I am one who landed on your page a couple of years back, via a google search for the redevelopment of the Vulcan Wharf site near Pudding Mill Lane. You noted then construction could kick off in May 2019....It's still yet to commence.
Google is not as good as they like to think they are.
"Not phone responsive"
I've been reading you on my phone for eight years. No difficulty.
Diamond Geezer running in the 1520 at Sedgefield tomorrow.
Pages Googlers have been checking out this evening:

• trig pillars
• the Outernet
• Southend Pier
• Northwall Road
• Rowntrees of York
• crisp packet colours
• Pollock's Toy Museum
• West Ham bus garage
• Fulham's alphabet streets
• the tube's longest platform
...and just two weeks later I've passed the 11,000 clicks threshold. That was fast.

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