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Nothing like an afternoon in Canterbury with a pint of Spitfire watching the world walk past and realising that they all ignore those Tudor buildings and narrow streets during their pursuit for consumerism.

I hope you went to the world's best fish and chip place a little down from the Canterbury Tales. That said, I hope it's still there, it's been a while since I was in Canterbury.

Fascinating, fascinating stuff.

In college the professor who did the Chaucer course always showed up soused, even at 9 am. But it always an amusing effect that was perfect for capturing the bawdy essence of Chaucer.

Thanks for the blog along trip.

Wow! So much to do there. Definitely worth a visit. Thanks for highlighting it for us.

Aha - it evidently is still there! Thank you :)

A few years ago at the Fringe festival, I saw a man called Baba Brinkman performing a rap version of three of the Canterbury Tales. I found The Pardoner's Tale on youtube. Enjoy!

A lovely pair of articles on my home town - not that I've been back for far too long, you've just given me good reason to make a long overdue visit (not least to see Bagpuss)

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