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It is certainly one of the finest spots in the UK. I have specified that my ashes are spread near Seaford Head slightly west of Cuckmere Haven. Eventually.
I did this walk about a month ago and I have to agree with you it was just stunning and so enjoyable, good to hear your following in my footsteps.
This is ony of my favourite walks too. I did a varient of it a few weeks back from Seaford to Eastbourne but following the shoreline as far as Birling Gap. It is possible, if not easy, at low tide. You need to wade through the Cuckmere but it was no more than knee deep.
Vintage Inns, nothing changes then.
Uncanny, planning walk there shortly with a friend, have been before with one of the pesky children.
That bend in the River Cuckmere looks a prime candidate for an oxbow lake!
The pub at Beachy Head is truly awful. Always. But the National Trust tearoom at Birling Gap is excellent - despite the demise of the ice cream parlour!
I'm another one of your readers that enjoyed this walk a month or so ago. If you time it right (or wrong, depending on your point of view) you get to see the Eastbourne Airshow at the end.

dg writes: I timed it right in 2011 :)
I did this walk earlier this year, at the end of walking the South Downs Way in three consecutive days to raise money for charity. What a way to end it - the climbing fairly knackered me out, but the descent into Eastbourne was stunning.
Another one here! I did it for the first time earlier this month, carpe-ing the free diem I was unexpectedly given by the wife & kids, and inspired by a brief mention you gave in a post sometime in early September that I can't find now. It was getting on for midday when I left the house (in Croydon) so I had to quick-march (especially up and down the Sisters) but hugely enjoyable nevertheless.
And of course famously being the background on the cover Throbbing Gristle's 20 Jazz-Funk Greats!
Or time it right and finish with the Eastbourne Bonfire Society flaming torches procession. Or, if you are feeling very adventurous... do it the other way round for once. Fish and chips better in Seaford than Eastbourne.

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