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For a horrible moment I thought the software had automatically created the subscribe now interruptions.
I used to live just around the corner from the tumulus, at 135 Eglinton Hill.
I don't get it, is this a Londonist piss-take?

dg writes: No.
Is it dg having fun experimenting with different styles? I love it.
Not expected a Tumulus in SE London! Mind you I didn’t expect a Roman villa either...
Arrgh! How I hate those TV programmes that do that.
Excellent, DG, you're clearly wasted here, and ought instead to be producing Discovery Channel or You Tube series with more advertising than factual content, and presumably getting quite rich in the process.
Roll out the barrow. LOL
Where is the phone no. that I can text to try to win a Luxury all Expenses paid holiday for a guided visit and a stay in the nearby Severndroog Castle? (Texts cost £10 plus your standard network charge)
looks like what was done to the once great 'Guinness Book of Records' ...dumbed down to the lowest common denominator
A vibrant, cosmopolitan, varied demographical audience awaits thee at YouTube...we will miss you.
Ahh the joys of of a dumbed-down documentary, or as they are known today... a documentary.

I stopped watching TV in the late 2000s because of this sort of thing, and whilst there is a lot of this sort of thing on YouTube, it at least has the advantage that as there is so much content, you don't have to watch this kind of crap.
Fascinating, thanks. Who'd have thought...

At first I thought it was a spoof that would finish with something like "next week: the neolithic cairn of Lewisham's only surviving roundabout" but instead got the irresistibly entitled Rim of Penge which turns out to be a true delight too.
But this applies to any 'TV' stuff, even the BBC has a preview section at the start of most of their 'documentaries', some are getting on for 3-4 minutes before the programme starts, obviously commercial channels are worse because of the 'coming up after the break' followed by 'previously on...' afterwards, I don't find YouTube that bad, mainly because I either get 'label' adverts (though they can be a pain as they obscure subtitles) or one advert is just dumped in the middle, so no outtro or intro, if anything YouTube is better because they convey the same stuff in 5-10 minutes that mainstream media schedule for an hour - or don't bother covering at all because the subject is deemed too obscure - think The 8 Bit Guy on computer history or Techmoan doing the Mission Impossible recorders.
Where is the 'unsubscribe' button?
Sorry DG but where is this tumulus?
I'm a little surprised the daffodils aren't a bit more advanced: it's a real treat when they're fully in flower.

Just a little distance away, along Shrewsbury Lane, was the home of the parents of William Joyce who gained infamy during WW2 as "Lord Haw Haw." (I don't think there will ever be a blue plaque on the wall.)

There used to be a museum, which contained displays of locally excavated artefacts, above Plumstead library. Sadly, it's gone now. The nearest current equivalent would be the Greenwich Heritage Centre.
Penge never gets old.
You get some unexpected websites when you google "rim of penge".

Apparently "rim" and "penge" are both words in Danish.
I hate it when episodes are shown out of sequence.
But otherwise - I'll subscribe!

Obviously I'll want to haggle for a reduced cost to cover the dumbing down though.
Thank you for this post, and for the reference to the 2017 one, which I missed first time.

I think that the pony and trap (and the couple) are the same that are sometimes seen in Tottenham, part of the secret history of that otherwise urban area.
“I’m going on a JOURNEY. A journey into the HEART of [checks script] neolithic Greenwich. All my life I’ve…”
Penge is the Danish word for money no less, if you see smiling tourists pointing at buses with destination Penge they're probably Danish.

Rim = rhyme, most of the google hits are about how to make money rhyme in songs written for family occasions.
The Rim of Penge sounds like a jolly good title for Dr Who.."Dr Who lands in the early part of the 21st Century and is attached by a band of aggressive bloggers who have been made obsolete by the instant gratification of Twitter. Their union, more militant than the RMT*, failed to stem the tide so the bloggers 'rose up'. Will Dr Who escape unscathed?"

*Spell check changed militant to mutant. Sho said spell checkers don't have a sense of humour?

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