please empty your brain below

Upton Park - if you want to score.

Pimlico - for Tate Britain.

I'm rubbish at these.

Temple, for your legal eagles or Shepherd's Bush. brought to you via phone vote on the BBC.

Picadilly Circus for tourists.

Lots and lots of tourists.

Westminster for terrorists (do us all a favour)

I do know that LU gets all of its company mobile phone services from O2 - one wonders if a deal has been struck between the companies?

On an anoraky note, several stations on the map have the little aeroplane symbol next to them to show that you can get National Rail trains from here to either Gatwick, Luton or Heathrow. To my mind, this has commercial implications:

One, the Underground is doing itself out of revenue by advertising competitors to the Piccadilly line (Heathrow Express, Heathrow Connect) to get to Heathrow Airport


Two, the only National Rail services from places like Blackfriars and Kentish Town to Airports is First Crapital Connect’s Thameslink route – surely this is free advertising? And you can imagine that National Express might start asking for a little coach symbol to go next to Victoria station for their airport services…

Anyway, my contribution: Vauxhall for The Brit Oval. Not just Surrey’s cricket ground, but also whoever they are prostituting themselves to this year.

Tottenham Court Road for Micro Anvica.

Hounslow West for chavs and illegal immigrants

Oh commercial city here we come. Let’s see…

You have this already but I think Nike Town would nab Oxford Circus.

Tottenham Court Road for Charity

Notting Hill Gate for overpriced retro

Wapping for wishing you were somewhere else

Arsenal. For Arsenal.

they did this in new york, with the conductor now saying 'rockafeller center, for the top of the rock' - GE's attempt to rival the empire state building. pretty annoying.

camden town for 14-year-old goths trying too hard.

Southfields for Wimbledon (IIRC the signs on the platform already point this out)

Brixton for drugs.

Ian: Gillespie Road for Arsenal, if you want to be pedantic about it.

blackhorse rd for absolutelyfuckingnothing. or, blackhorse rd for grit in your eyes from the forest rd wind tunnel. or, blackhorse rd for the 158 bus which will get you out of this hell-hole and into chingford where there is civilisation (well, a pizza express).

Highgate for short sheep...

Seven sisters for seven brothers....

Old Street for new chic .....

Oh, they're meant to be commercial, OK.

Wood Green for Shopping Shitty...

Golders Green for the Hipper Drome...

I unfortunately can't resist the temptation to say;

Stockwell, sponsored by Heckler & Koch......

Hainault - For the noisy night shift idiots who work for Metronet.

Chigwell - For posh Essex birds in 4 x 4s.

Brent Cross - for Brent Cross

Heathrow Terminal 4 - for Heathrow Terminal 4

Am I doing this right?

Vauxhall rail station already has large "For the Brit Oval" signs. Surprised they're not underground, as well.

I think it's reasonable for North Greenwich - because there's bugger-all else out there.

King's Cross St Pancras
For Busty Candice

Heathrow Terminals 123 for sunnier climes
Stockwell, for the floods are coming
Cockfosters for a laugh
Stonebridge Park for a nagging feeling that someone is about to stab you

Westminster for the Peerage Emporium.

There'd be a fight for Oxford Circus - perhaps they'd have to do a rotating sign so there'd be a share of the action for Hamleys, TopShop, John Lewis, H&M, etc., etc.

Piccadilly Circus for rent.

You're dead right about West Hampstead, dg.

FINCHLEY ROAD, erm, for the (other) O2, the one that predated BT Cellnet renaming itself.

BECONTREE for a fight

I'm largely in agreement that such a design classic should be kept unsullied by branding.

However, as someone who's well acquainted with O2's brand guidelines (and a typography nazi), what does interest me is whether on the actual map the 2 of O2 is subscripted?

You see, the 2 should only be subscripted when used as the logotype, so if it's set in New Johnston it counts as body copy and the 2 should be in line with the rest of the text.

dg writes: Yes, the 2 of O2 is subscripted on the map (thereby making the 2 so small that you can barely read it.

Woodside Park for happy clappies at St Barnabas

Holloway Road for dodgy cigarette sellers.

Bank for money
Mansion House for the real mayor
Barbican forever

Finsbury Park for Abu Hamza

Knightsbridge, for Mr Al-Fayed's grocery store.

Paddington, for marmalade sandwiches.

If I was being exceptionally pedantic, I'd say Arsenal, for E*i*a*es.

I hate to say this, but the Elephant and Castle shopping centre is red. Trust me on this, I go past it every day on the bus now. It hasn't been pink since Comic Relief years back.

Although the colour could more accurately be called "red and grime".

Bond Street for Aspreys.

Goodge Street for Spearmint Rhino.

Tottenham Court Road and Picadilly Circus brought to you by Virgin.

Or to make it easy, just have every station in zone 1 brought to you by Pret a Manger.

White City for the BBC.

Mornington Crescent for Humphrey Lyttelton.

New Cross for The Venue.

St John's Wood for hideous jackets and posh men.

Mornington Crescent for North Wales?

...but only if you're called Mrs Trellis...

Warren St for Spearmint Rhino, Goodge St is toooo far away.

London Bridge for, no, it's the next bridge along. Honest. But this is the closest stop. Just five minutes along Tooley Street will get you there.

Wlathamstow Central for the Bus Station.

Notting Hill Gate for "Hugh Grant's bookshop" and "THAT blue door".

I've had my share of assisting female tourists looking for these er,"landmarks".

Dagenham Heathway for chavs and scum

Dagenham East for more chavs and more scum

Thanks for all your ideas.
The most sponsor-friendly are now on the blog.
Any more?

High Street Kensington for a record deal

for Secrets

Oh, what an interesting conversation about an excellent topic I seem to have missed!

I beleive that when the old tuppenny tube was built that they nearly did call Bond Street, Selfridges.

Mr Selfridges was awfully keen, needless to say.

Wimbledon for
football at Milton Keynes
[various trains to Euston and then on to MK]

What about poor old Morden stuck out here in Surrey, can no one think of anything suitable? I'm brain dead, so someone help me please.

Not on the tube map (cos the Tramlink isn't, even though the DLR is) - but noone's yet mentioned that Ampere Way tramstop was renamed "IKEA Ampere Way" (and not even "Ampere Way for IKEA") some time ago...

Yes but in the case of the Ikea stop, there is almost no other reason to go there other than for Ikea. The Millennium Dome (everyone call it that, it REALLY annoys AEG and O2 who are spending billions trying to get people to stop using the old name) is not the only reason to go to North Greenwich, there's a big bus interchange there for that whole peninsula for starters.

No other reason to go to Ampere Way other than IKEA? What about B&Q, Matalan, Megabowl, Nando's, Vue, Screwfix Direct or the housing estate....? It's Croydon's very own World of Adventures....

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