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I'm still struggling to see why the residents of Thamesmead would want a DLR connection to Beckton, and a slow trundle through Docklands to get anywhere, or even to the Elizabeth Line, rather than just a quicker connection to Abbey Wood station.

dg writes: read the consultation.

As councils presumably replace street name signs very infrequently, the Harrow logo will probably have changed before many of them have that new logo.
I wonder how much extra metal Harrow are going to have to buy in order to fit that crest in. Can't be cheap.
I noticed a TfL bus sign mistake myself recently.

At the main exit from Stratford station, the sign reading "Buses" directing you to Stratford bus station now has a sticker over it that says "Stratford City bus station", which of course is incorrect as that bus station is the other side of the railway and not directly in front of you as the sign suggests.
Many years ago when we were living in Edinburgh we needed a cheap solution to pave our front garden and make it more child friendly than the red stone chips we had inherited. We hit on using redundant cobbles interspersed with planting areas. I have a vivid memory 25 years on of being heavily pregnant and in a builders yard sorting out the cobbles that didn't have yellow lines on them. And, of course, digging out the garden and laying the things. Looked on google earth some years later and the new residents had put decking over them.
On the subject of TfL bus sign mistakes, while the northern destination of the 169 is 'Clayhall, The Glade', the bus shelter at the terminus incorrectly shows 'City Hall, The Glade'. I noticed that the other day and wondered how it had slipped through TfL's quality control. (The name on the bus stop flag itself is correct, however.)
The Chapel Lane sign is not monochrome, as the postcode district is in purple.
“But in 2024 I started again on 1st January and managed to ride all 543 of them within a calendar month.”

Without wishing to even imply doubt in this claim, and firmly knowing and respecting that you don’t and shouldn’t have to take requests from your audience, I’d love to read more about the most extreme days of bus-riding in order to get to all 543.
I wonder if you misread the Chapel Lane sign as I did, thinking it said Chapel Lane HAS.
All good stuff.
1. Growing up in Burnt Oak with an air enthusiast father, the whole area is very familiar to me!

Personally the 'pointless' bus journeys are amongst my favourite posts of yours.

I make myself a cup of tea, settle in beside you (not uncomfortably close) and ride along taking in the sights and sounds inside and outside the bus described wonderfully by your good self.
Five new bus routes are launching in the next four weeks. Be careful what you wish for.
I found it interesting to compare your 2018 high of 32 buses in a day (round Merton and Sutton) with a new daily average of 18.

I assume you managed a new daily high score, but perhaps not by that many more.
Your Oyster Journey history must look quite funny to the TfL folks in charge of looking at fraud!

Would be nice if you could indulge us with a post about your overall observations and changes between your 2018, 2023, and this year's attempt.
I oppose to the DLR extension to Thamesmead. It just another inner London crossing that has no purpose but to serve the unused RAD development that was liquidified last year.

dg writes: the DLR already serves RAD, the proposed extension wouldn't.

There is already a station at Abbey Wood, which there are loads of services such as normal and express services. Crossrail can take to Central London within 15 minutes.

My suggestions would be to add a riverboat service running between Thamesmead and Barking Riverside, since thats VERY cheap to utilize and have the SL2 diverted to Barking Riverside, completing the whole loop.

i find the philosophy with TFL providing services to Thamesmead as a failed experiment.

Therefore, i will strongly oppose to this proposal.
Agree the DLR is expensive and not what most will want - either existing *or* new residents.

TfL meekly claim a DLR is required because of capacity from new homes. Yet there's not exactly a lack of ways for high capacity transport (trams, trolley buses, bendy buses etc) from new housing - even 10-15k - to Elizabeth line/DLR/Railway stations that are 5 minutes away offering far qwuicker and more plentiful links.

I don't think it'll ever happen as the costs mentioned. And it shouldn't either. If there's £2 bn a new network linking much of SE London or Bakerloo extension is much more beneficial to new AND existing residents.
I understand with your comment, but i thought the Overground extension couldve helped river crossings in outer london.

All i know is that ULEZ aint helping the situation as people pay a daily levy and wonder if this extension will be brought back to light.
Does your app calculate distances as the crow flies? My program is giving different results from TW10 5HR but don't know why yet.

dg writes: I wasn't standing by a building with a postcode.

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