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Uber it!
"Pick of the Pops" can only mean "Alan Freeman"...
The 80’s are likely to feature more as they can be more easily the earliest or later year chosen.
It would be interesting to have a similar analysis for America's Greatest Hits which Gambo plays from 5 - 7pm every Saturday.

It used to be on R2 but now it's on Greatest Hits Radio.
Not arf!
You'd be dangerous if you didn't have something to do... ;)

Brilliant, love it!

Now do the same for JW's SotS on a Sunday afternoon, would you?
R3 Choral Evensong is next on my list, thanks.
They all have the same piece of music every week though: At the Sign of the Swingin' Cymbal.

dg writes: See first line
"R3 Choral Evensong is next on my list, thanks. "

Has lockdown led you to religion then? ;)

I never thought I'd see the day...

Or is it your choirboy past driving this one? :)
Since the early nineties, the show's format has been to feature charts from *the same week of the year as the broadcast date*. The years are chosen according to the strength, interest and variety of the songs in the charts for that particular week back through time.
I have a theory that the producers have gone through and crossed out every week when Gary Glitter was number 1.
Yes, and we've lost a lot of good shows form TOTP2 as well, as they never play any with GG or various other naughty artists/presenters (eg JS) in.
I enjoyed this all the more with the musical accompaniment.
I heard that all the main broadcasters have agreed not to play any Gary Glitter songs, therefore ruling out the charts where he was number 1, obviously this didn't trouble the makers of 'Joker', so I assume he's pocketed a ton of cash whilst he's been back in prison.
Still Anon - he sold the rights a long time ago

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