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This article says that TfL operates tube and/or DLR stations in twenty-seven boroughs plus the City.

dg writes: Hmmm. Officially the tube and DLR aren't bundled together, so we'd have to remove Lewisham for the "tube boroughs" list. Making 26+1.

Well, seems like we missed the 19 floodgates in Tube tunnels then. Nice link though.
30 (contentious) London Squares in EC district(Wiki)?

I thought it'd all be going downhill when it comes to number of facts, but there are quite a few interesting things about the number 28!

The 29 bus is the second most criminal one in London, just after the 25. Not sure if you want to include that.

I never thought I'd be aiming to correct anybody on a football reference, but Wanderers FC won the cup five times in the 1870s, and Wikipedia says they were based in Battersea.

Harking back to an earlier post - on your recommendation I went to the Bank of England today - their open day. So I stood in the room where the interest rate will be set on Tuesday. And I was in Mervyn King's office and I can tell you that it was VERY tidy!

Excellent recommendation - almost as good as holding £185 000 worth of solid gold bar....

Thank you!

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