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Great post!

I've heard that the ex Waterpolo site is earmarked for UCL and V & A's Olympicopolis museum/academic site.
Makes me think back to the South Bank and 1951 the Festival of Britain. After it closed some features remained along the riverside, but over the years most traces of it have gone, the Festival Hall remains. I wonder how much of the Olympic park will still be there in say 10 years time. I'm thinking of those brightly coloured crayons.
Pity the wild flowers are not there.
Fab post - thanks DG !

Brilliant to click back to your pre-Olympic Park pics and see how much has changed (or not!)
I'm still a bit puzzled about how you'll get from the Greenway at the View Tube to the next bit of the Greenway on the far side of the City Mill River. Will it eventually be more direct than the round the houses route at the moment? Hopefully it will be possible to cycle without hauling the bike over barriers and up steps.
Did they obliterate all of the wild flower meadows at QEOP after 2012? Presumably annuals and biennials might have self-seeded, and some might be perennial. What was the display like last year?
"...doubling up as mooring posts" yeh, but are there steps for people to actually get up from river level to land level?
Thanks dg. Great post. I cannot get enough of the QEOP stuff.
An orbit tower visit for Saturday booked, with a few £ off for being a host borough resident.
@ John

It not really a case of 10 years time, more of 25, 50 or 100+ years time. The legacy is not for us but future generations. In truth, in the future there may remain a building or two and there may well be a new Olympic Park somewhere else? Or have we built this one so well that it will last until our next Olympic bid chance comes up.

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