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you can take cameras in, the provision's there so they can stop people taking professional type cameras in (so people can't sell photos they take, reserved for accredited guys), but they would let in most of those even, (if you're in the top stand, unless you have a lens as long as your arm, there's no way you'll get a sellable photo)

So why does it say "no cameras" on the warning notice next to every single entrance to the stadium? Why can't they just say "no professional-type cameras" or something, without people having to check the (very) smallprint?

Typical bureaucracy...

Anyway, I've never seen the new Wembley Stadium up close, but I remember having a tour around the original Wembley in about 1995. I thought it was fantastic: I could see why it was called "hallowed ground". We visited the royal box and broadcasting room as well as the stand where the World Cup was lifted in 1966.

So, how did the new Wembley compare with the old one, DG?

The great thing about the arch is that it is much, much taller than the twin towers (hmmm, just had to Google that phrase to make sure it was once applicable to Wembley and not just NYC), giving the stadium quite a few 'Canary Wharf moments' where you turn a corner in the capital and suddenly notice the landmark miles away.

I was travelling up the Edgware branch of the Northern line on Thursday and, as the train approached Brent Cross station, up at rooftop level on the embankment, the arch appeared looking very large.

I can see the Wembley arch from the vantage point at Addington Hills in Croydon. It's a cracking view across London from there on a clear day - you can see Crystal Palace, the Gherkin, Canary Wharf, Millenium dome and loads more. Makes you realise just how big the arch is.

They say it so they have the option to stop people with cameras if they want. Completely unnecessary, but of course they hold all the rights, and will hand you back a few like cameras as long as you behave.

"the epicentre of British football."


British ??

I bet the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish have somewthing to say about that faux pas...

English, please. And I am being nationalistic because THAT is the whole point.

dg writes: Oops, yes, agreed.

On the subject of "No Cameras" - why "No Phones"? I was recently stopped from taking a camera into the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and obediently handed over my FujiFinepix for safe keeping only to watch hundreds of (Indians mostly) clicking away on their latest mobile phones... with every museum guard seemingly oblivious to what was going on...

ho hum...

Cheers !!! From an Englishman, altho' not a Wembley visitin' footie fan... prefer twickers meself...

Obviously the prohibition on balls is to let politicians in.

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