please empty your brain below

Thanks for bringing that bit of luck to the Valley. It's been in short supply for the last few seasons.

It's my nephew's birthday soon, so mid-morning yesterday went with the missus down to the Charlton Athletic shop to buy him some Charlton-related paraphenalia! First time I've been in that shop and may have been there same time as you. Strange atmosphere as you say, they were all geared up for the arrival of fans in several hours' time.

Only because Leeds don't play till Monday night.

Gah, you should have said, etc. We had a spare seat for the match as well!

cheers DG, come back to the Valley soon

Has Matt considered that Norwich might beat Leeds on Monday night?

Unrelated to Charlton Athletic, I remember visiting the Millennium Dome back in 2000. The exhibition there at the time may not have been successful, but it was quite fascinating nonetheless.

Good read. It's hard to believe how well established the O2 has become in only two years - it seems like it has always been the logical place to go to hold big events.

I'm appalled at ticket prices for sports in this country. When I went to Toronto I just happened to pass by the stadium (Rogers Centre) while baseball was on. I bought a ticket for $12, which at the time was equivalent to about £6.

Went to the Gymnastics on Thursday and very good it was to. I was impressed with the O2 on how quickly I got in and out and also the tube was running very well which helped. Plenty of leg room inside though avoided any overpriced food and drink.

As for the Valley last time I went there in the 97-98 season I saw a certain Stockport County do the double over promotion winning Charlton and very shocked I was too.

Pop Artist, Pop Artist, what's the score?

Great pic of the Doughnut van under the club badge. Doughnuts were the team sponsor for the past couple of seasons

Come on you Addicks.

We was robbed in the last minute...

Ummm. It's taken a few days, but I've finally thought of a Valley-related comment, to add to this.
I saw The Who at Charlton
... and Lou Reed

Let me echo fellow South-East Asia based Addick Les Abbey (above) by saying that I;m glad you enjoyed your visit to the Valley.

Don't forget that your favourite club, Arsenal, were once just down the road in Weelwich.

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