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One of the apartments in the block where you took your photos from has just been granted planning permission to be used as a broadcasting studio from later this year untill after the games finish, the Iron works apartment will provide an excellent backdrop for a TV announcer.

2 years to go and bang on cue, it's raining! The Organising Committee might get everything completed under budget and on time but I'm certainly not betting on a bone-dry opening ceremony or Games.

But apart from that, as a local, I'm very excited, if a little shocked at how quickly 5 years has sped past since the opening of that envelope in Singapore.

Very different from the 1948 London Games, where the athletes had to bring their own towels, and countries chipped in with food due to rationing! Austere they may have been, but much more in keeping with the spirit of the Games, I think.

how many people get job in Olpmpic site from Newham borough

Really buzzing today, am of work so got to follow all the coverage in real time for a change.

What's more I can't believe I've volunteered for something for BORIS...

The London ambassador thing was just too good to pass up.


My two younger kids and I were confronted in John Lewis yesterday with someone dressed up as the Olympic mascot Wenlock (my kids knew the difference between him and Mandeville -I'm afraid it defeats me). John Lewis were launching a shop full of 2012 memorabilia. My kids were less than impressed that someone would think that they would want to get close to a cuddly manifestation of what is meant to be a chunk of metal. I had to gently point out to the excited promotions woman that it was nothing personal, just that since we live in Stratford we don't really need memorabilia.

Really good to see the waterways shaping up.

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