please empty your brain below

You're about five minutes' walk from my house by the time you reach the Castle. And there's still a surprisingly lovely-in-parts stretch of the New River Path to go...
The "cranes that have been here for years building who knows what" are working on a tunnel to carry high-power electrical cables to St John's Wood - see or look up 'London power tunnels'.
Not to be confused with other, newer, bigger cranes redeveloping the enormous Woodberry Down estate on the other (Hackney) side of the New River.
You finally made it to my neck of the woods! I must confess after three years living here I am still unsure of how to access the bit of the river south of Hornsey High Street (and by the mosque) and have never seen anyone walking beside it, so assumed it was not possible. I am still confused!

The entrance is round the back of the mosque, off the bit of Hampden Road that leads from Wightman Road to Hornsey station.

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