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I haven’t heard a single one of the classic episodes. The Beeb refused to put them on the podcast feed.
Surprisingly, for someone who's been listening regularly for 40 years, I couldn't be bothered to listen. I caught 2 episodes as I was in the car at the time. I couldn't now tell you which ones they were, mind.

Given the current situation, I was unimpressed by the decision to rebroadcast Joe's funeral. Totally insensitive I thought.

I suspect I'm not the only one, and I suspect that there will be a loss of regular listeners, just as there were following the contrived exit of Nigel.
I love the implication that the statistics were meaningful previously.
Sarah has given precise voice to my initial thought.
I listened to the weekly omnibus podcast, but that habit was disrupted when I stopped commuting. I’m stuck somewhere in late March and I suspect the old episodes will no longer be available online. I have not listened to any of the “classic” repeats.
I wish Matt Crawford were back...he always added some...entertainment
was Nigel's "long drop" one of the classic episodes ?
Jennifer's comment after Alice's marriage that "I am related to a Horrobin" was Archers' gold.
I'd hoped for a few rather older classic episodes from before my time to give some background. Stuff with Dan and Doris or Tom Forrest, Grace Archer's death, David and Ruth when young or anything from the early days. They all seemed rather recent; perhaps I've just been listening too long.

(and to The Bunting Thief - they may not be sent automatically but they are all available to play on the BBC website)
I'm actually quite looking forward to these "monologue" episodes... many reviewers have praised them.

For what it's worth, and a propos of nothing, I'm *convinced* that Kirsty is going to end up with Roy!

As Blue Witch suggested, I stopped listening, after 40 yEARS, when they killed off Nigel in celebration of a random anniversary. I have listened occasionally since but, once you've lost the habit, it's pretty poor stuff. I live a couple of mile from Neil though, as it happens, and he's lovely. If he's in an episode, I'd listen.
I thought Nigel’s death was amazeballs.

I was only sad that Helen didn’t go instead.

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