please empty your brain below

Aren't kids ungrateful these days?

If you watched "Narnia- ..Witch and Wardrobe" when you were six, I wonder what version it was.
There was a 1979 production, which if you saw when you were six puts you at about 35.
BBC TV did a TV production of it in 1988. (Which would make you about 26)
The "Narnia..." shown on TV Boxing Day was the film version made in 2005. Technically a much superior version than the earlier ones, thanks to computers.

I do agree with you it's a film for children.


Fabulous as ever DG, Happy Christmas

is auntie givin u beef an doin ur ed in innit

Do kids these days know what 'whittling' is?

Yes but you do it on people not sticks ...

But... but... the Christmas cake wouldn't be 'well sick'! Perhaps it would be grimey, wack or just plain \\_gay\\_(*) but it definitely wouldn't be well sick.

Merry Christmas, however! :P

(*Yes, embedded homophobia is totally twuntish(**))

(**Yes yes, embedded misogyny is really gay(*))

Auntie Jenny, don't waste your meagre income on those alien life-forms known as "the younger generation". Treat yourself to a bottle of gin instead.

I think you nailed that one on the head.

Also, I second Great Aunt Annie - a bottle of gin sounds good!

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