please empty your brain below

A very good summary of the game DG. Thank you.
Certainly a sport I will never attend or watch.

I had a free ticket to a game at Wembley once and went to see what the new stadium was like. I left after 10 minutes. There was no heating in the stands and it was a cold day. I did complain on my way out. Surely under seat heating or infra red heaters should be in use.
At the cricket in hot Dubai they have large fans in the stands to keep spectators cool.
I have seen heating/cooling in use at American football in the USA.
Why all those stairs, no lift or escalators?. Most modern stadiums have these.
I guess football or rugby fans like some discomfort. At least the games do not last long.
The Emirates, like Wembley and the Olympic Stadium and much of the Oval, is a bit of a concrete bunker, but modern stadiums are at least designed well to get people in and out, and to give them ample opportunity to buy food, drinks, etc, and use the other facilities, and the sight lines are superb, even if you have to wrap up warm on a cold day.
This blog is just all football, football, football nowadays. Can't you go back to talking about buses?
Geofftech:I think dg was also describing his experience of the Emirates stadium, which is why I mentioned my thoughts on no heating.
Andrew: I have only walked around the Emirate stadium.
I have been to Wembley, Twickenham, Lords, Oval,Wimbledon, Olympic, Sandown, and Kemptom park venues.
Twickenham is quite nice now, as long as you go on a warm day and it is not to see Rugby!.
Lords is fine and a good day can be spent there, with a nice lunch and tea.
The Oval and Lords both have new stands planned.
Wimbledeon was also a pleasant experience. Tennis, strawberries and cream.
I only attended the Olympic stadium during the Olympics but is was OK.
Sandown and Kempton Park also have good facilities.
To me is seems football fans get a bad deal, they pay a lot for tickets, to sit in discomfort for a game that lasts only 90 minutes.
I shall be interested to see what Brentfords new stadium is like.
I think Geofftech's opinion would be slightly different if DG had gone a few miles up Seven Sisters Road...
Most sporting events nowadays are just something going on in the background whist people network and close deals.

I can see little point going to an event when I can get a better view on TV, have my own armchair, alcoholic beverage, snacks and toilet, not only that but I can be warm in the winter, and airconed in the summer, plus no hassle getting to and from the event.
Just as well dg didn't want a lager at half time as no alcohol is allowed at European games therefore no booze on sale!
I was one of the season ticket holders who didn't go but my wife had an accident a couple of weeks ago and we've had to miss out on a number of things as she recovers. With luck we should be able to make the Sunderland game.
It's actually Ramsey...

dg writes: And it should have been yesterday too, thanks.
I once went to a football game. I thought the crowd were more entertaining than the football.
Once again DG does something, so I don't have to!
Think I'll continue 'following' our local team and the progress of home matches by the roars we can hear from the stadium.

Otherwise with Cornish Cockney!
I've just realised why DG went to the footie.

He got a freebie because of his constant plugging of the marvellous Arabfly Dangleway!
I'd love for DG to pay a visit to Leyton Orient just to read how he thinks the experience compares to the Premier League big boys.

There's more tea urns at Brisbane Road, for a start.
In the old days the "We're the North Bank" chant was 'We're the North Bank, we're the North Bank, we're the North Bank Highbury". Have they changed it since the move?
I always enjoy John's comments.
I can't believe you talked about the stadium architecture without using the word 'vomitorium'.
Jim Webber: No, they haven't.

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