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Another good year DG.

Thanks for providing the excellent and interesting reading material which has consistently been the first thing I read each day on the web.

It was a very good year...
Keep up the good work, DG! It's great to read about all those places that visitors usually never hear about!


I'll add my voice to all those who have suggested making a book out of your blog posts. Given the richness of your subject matter and content you'd easily have enough to fill an annual compendium. And I'd happily buy a copy each time...

Another great year, DG the photos and the descriptions made them come alive. :-)

Excellent round-up: a few posts there that I'd missed so all the better :)

Looking forward to what next year will bring...

Yes, another great year

As for London's rivers, you say now that you've covered all the 'lost' ones, but there are still a few more to fill the list. Life just isn't complete until you've strolled alongside the lovely Quaggy, or taken a dip (as Boris has done) in the shimmering waters of the Ravensbourne.

The best things about your posts have been that they're well written and informative, and any predictions you make are usually spot on. Mine aren't: still no sign of M&S going down the tubes, just yet...

So much to enjoy in your blog, I've learnt so much about London and a few other places too!! The 'quizzes' keep the husband(and me)occupied for hours, so thanks for that too. But especially thanks for the information about what's on, in particular this year the Evolving English exhibition at the British Library. Absolutely fascinating!!
So thanks and a very Happy New Year to you DG

Thanks for another year of top quality edutainment. I believe you should be accorded national treasure status as soon as conditions allow. Have a happy new year.

I'd have been very hard pressed to limit it to just a Top 10 of favourites. Every post is top notch and I can't wait to see what 2011 brings.

Another great year... thanks!

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