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To summarise:
2-32 Winter Avenue - the original
1-35 Winter Avenue - demolished by road
36-85 Winter Avenue - formerly St John's Road
Nothing says local inclusivity like a modern day "stroad" (Ron Leighton Way, Way being fairly typical for a British stroad)
Part of my workplace is actually on Winter Street and I walk that way each working day.
I'm not usually a fan of the "Oxford" comma, but in this instance it would have relieved me of the expectation of reading about "Paul McCartney and trampolining" only for anticipation to be dashed by the cold light of day at the end of the post.
Any pictures of the ginger cat?
The Edinburgh Gazette of 1910 tells us that a Harry Walter Pinhorn, a commercial traveller, was declared bankrupt at number 20. Born in Sutton, Surrey, he ended his days in an inter-war bungalow in Roding Valley, a classic transition to the newly developed suburbs.
Fascinating. I used to enjoy popping into the market hall, but an even bigger loss nearby (demolished for a promised public library that never came) was the monumental Co-op department store, with the town hall, easily the joint most imposing building in East Ham. It just turned into a car park (on High St N) for many years, not sure if it's been built on yet...

Pedantic correction : Ron Leighton Way sorted out the traffic at the southern end of High Street North, High Street South continues as it was.
The old Granada Cinema must have been fantastic back in the 1930s. I would have loved the Deco architecture back in the Golden Decade of Hollywood, but it still has a timeless quality now.
Haven't been in a Laser Quest since the 90s, amazed they're still around!

Must have been weird and confusing for the residents of that bit of St John's Road to have their road renamed, and hardly necessary either.
Happy Winter!
I used to love shopping in the East Ham Market Hall when I lived close to the area, and I would always visit on occasion if I was visiting East Ham after I moved. They had some clothing items I needed that I couldn't find that was my style anywhere. I still have the two coats that I bought there. A real loss.

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