please empty your brain below

200 words on Shortlands. Can’t wait for the article on Long Acre.
Ooh, that's just down the road from me! Yes the suburbs here aren't particularly exciting.
Very interesting about Shortlands.
As a Bromley person, l was intrigued to read about the spring being used to pump water to Eltham. The only natural spring in the town area appears to be the ancient St. Blaises well up in the grounds of the old palace of the Bishop of Rochester. Your article implies there is another spring in Shortlands - if anyone knows where, I'd be interested in finding out.
I'm taking 'Eltham Reservoir' to mean the one in Oxleas Meadows. The linked photo of the reservoir under construction implies it was a circular structure - which was later covered over - and a quick look at Oxleas Meadows via GoogleMaps seems to confirm a circular outline in the grass.
I can't think of an obvious reason for pumping water from Bromley to Eltham, only to comment that it's a pretty impressive distance
I've seen that building many times from passing trains and thought it looked like a pumping station.
Thanks for this information, confirming what I thought.

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