please empty your brain below

Thanks for the tour.

Felt curious about that building since 2002 when we first began staying some at Canary Wharf and wandering about.

Walked that high pedestrian bridge and wondered if the elevator has worked in recent years?
A new low level footbridge is planned across the dock to link Custom House and ExCel to the Millennium Mills development.
I saw you post the photo last night and thought "surely he didnt get inside?". So im very impressed to see that you did! Well done.
...and through a series of brand flagships, pavilions and trading houses, organisations will be able to showcase and engage with their consumers through education, entertainment and customisation."

I used to think the people who wrote this kind of rubbish were cynical morons. I was only half right. A few years back I had a commission to photograph the employees of a fairly new and trendy marketing company for a brochure and website. I spent a day there. My God, they do actually believe this shit! This is how they actually talk to each other!

I can afford to be more fussy about what jobs I take on these days...
I'm so glad that YOU got on this tour DG, as you have been able to share it with your thousands of followers, through your words and excellent photos.

I doubt whether any of your compatriots would have been able to share the experience with more than a handful of friends, so we're all glad on your behalf.

I particularly liked your last photo, with the 'Gardens' title in shadow. Very clever.
OMG wow! You really hit the jackpot there!
This is a well known student climbing adventure. It's possible to get to the top (or was a few years ago) without any hassle from anybody.
Thanks for that DG!
Brilliant set of photos, thanks.
Re the proposed new apartments and the runway,.... I know that some of the other new developments nearby have been marketed in the Far East with not a word about being under the flight path. Obscene on so many levels....
I was fortunate enough to get a place on this tour too. Thanks for sharing your photos. The view from the roof was simply excellent (thanks to the weather) even with City Airport bursting into life!

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