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I remember the Hurst park race course, and the new houses being built on the site, I think they were "modern" in their time as some were Town Houses on 3 levels with garage underneath. I suppose being near the river living upstairs might be useful!. Not certain but I think they were Wates Homes. That company back then was also building new homes near the river at Ham.
There is still horse racing locally as Kempton Park is on the other side of the river towards Sunbury.

Other ferry's nearby, there was a ferry from Twickenham to Ham (not the present day Hammertons ferry). The original Twickenham ferry ran from near the White Swan public house on Twickenham riverside, the service closed in the 1980's. When I went to school in Twickenham in the 1950's we used to sing a song about Twickenham ferry.
Other erstwhile ferries in the area included those to Taggs Island and Eel Pie Island. Neither could be used to get all the way from one bank to the other of course, and both have now been replaced by bridges in 1941 and 1957 respectively (both since replaced).
I'm sure there was more here this morning, spooky. Something about a job advert in a couple of national papers, it sounded right up my street, but perhaps I dreamt it.
DG seems to have been insomniac this morning as he ran two posts.

Either your computer has been got at,
or you're in a time warp and have gone back to before the second post (7am), or you're simply looking at the comments for the wrong post.
@timbo, he's being generous because Black Friday is coming soon, and giving us a BOGOF, buy one get one free.

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