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I went to the Genesis Expo museum years ago when it first opened, and have been a few times since, the building was a bank before they took over.

"HMS Warrior" is nearby and if you go to the HMS Warrior web site they have a good webcam which pans around to give nice views of Portsmouth dock and harbour areas.
And by coincidence, dg, there just happens to be an expo coming up on your doorstep. Why not give it a try!
I thought the ultimate argument of the creationists is that God made that way, religion is very flexible like that, I think it was the Lords Resistance Army that said that any of their 'soldiers' that were killed, hadn't prayed hard enough for God to make them bulletproof.
Thanks for reminding me of the Model Village. I lived in Southsea as a child in the mid 1960s and visited often. We were very close to Southsea Common and took advantage of all the attractions and activities along the front. Must go back and have a nostalgic look around of my own.....
Fortunately, creationists have very little traction in the UK. What is really alarming is the proportion of US citizens who subscribe to these ideas, recently established by polling as over 40%.
Boris the dinosaur ought to be the subject of some really good jokes.
Creationism is funny at first, but it's depressing that people could be so stupid. No doubt most Flat Earthers, and Dome people subscribe to the same views.
It's that word "Theory". As dawkins has explained better than I could, a theory can be supported, or disproved, by evidence. But belief in a supernatural creator is not a theory that can be proved or disproved because it does not rely on observation for its belief.

Dawkins writes very well about evolution. He is less convincing on theology, although (or perhaps because) he seems to have a very clear picture of the God he doesn't believe in - much clearer than most theologians have, I would guess.
I think my problem with this place was that I visited there solely for late connections to/from IoW, and simply had neither time nor mood to take a nice break and get around.
I find Dawkins arguments very persuasive, even though I am not convinced by all of them. But it's important to remember that "Young Earth Creationism" is not accepted by any major section of Christianity (or Judaism). Most church leaders accept mainstream scientific explanations.
Portsmouth and the area is indeed well worth visiting. As DG reminds us he has been there and reported quite a few times already.
Boris eh? Was that a deliberate joke?
And here are 9 photos.

(of which these two are the best)

I find the main problem with Dawkins is that the man is a tit. I don't dislike people who believe (or don't) in god(s). I dislike people who insist on telling me what to believe. The man really doesn't help the situation when the vast majority of agnostics/atheists just want to be left to their own devices and don't give a toss about the beliefs of others.

He's a pretty decent scientist, mind you.
Genesis Expo was boarded up and empty the last few times I've been past; there's been an exodus I fear.

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