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Some may call it “little known”, the rest of us call it a very exclusive community. And we don’t miss a day of our “very nerdy” pleasure. Well done.
Wow, who would believe it? Woke up as an old lady , but now I’m a Nerd in a Nerdy Cult! Does life get better than this?? 😉
Can't wait to tell the kids I am a member of a nerdy cult!
Ours most popular blog post is something Mrs Wiz wrote 16 years ago. It has 10x the comments we normally get, and still gets as many daily visits as whatever we have posted that day.

G**gle is responsible
Seems this blog is one of those Best Kept Secrets you read about and then find it hard to believe it's not more widely known!
Always knew I’d end up in a cult somewhere down the line.
A member of a nerdy cult! ... that's made my day.
From dipping into and out of Reddit from time to time, it is fascinating to see how posts end up on the websites of certain soi-disant newspapers. Even BBC News.

I’ve never visited this road but I recognised it straight away from this blog.

I hope some of the Redditors stay. This is one of the jewels of the internet.
One of us! One of us!
I'm proud to be a member of this Nerdy Cult!
I'm lost, literally and figuratively! Does this road not have any potential beneficial use AS A ROAD? It seems bizarre to spend public money digging up a road, for what? What is a linear park?

dg writes: why not click on some of the links in the post and find out?
As there’s money in providing urban art, perhaps the road could be enhanced with a series of installations.
Maybe a set of bus stop M’s.
With Red Rover posters.

Great to know we are a Nerd niche, and thanks to you and your urban assiduity, need this each morning.
Proud to be a member of the DGNN 🤣 (Diamond Geezer Nerd Niche)
I'm interested by the 2023 comment about this being the future location of an "exemplar grey to green project"! I wait with excitement for an update.
If you look on TfL consultation reports you count as a news website when they detail which news outlets reported on consultations!

So more than just a blog according to official organisations!
I saw the post on Reddit, thought of your blog post, and was delighted to see it already referenced so positively in the comments.

You’ve done the hard work already for so many of the questions people might ask!
While most may not return, I'd wager that a fair few have now found their new favourite place on the internet - I got here via a post about Metro-land a good many years ago and just never left! (It's now my regular breakfast read)
I discovered this blog nearly 2 years ago through social media — a post about Barking Riverside I think. I was one of the few that stuck around.
Wowzer 10k . No doubt 'Karen' from Advertising will be contacting you
Im loving the kind comments about eh blog "Christ on a bike, now that is commitment. This kind of thing makes me love the internet again." Looks like you are going to have 10k more followers
I can just imagine the 'One of London's best kept secrets' headline now!

I found you sometime during lockdown via a hunt for some explanation for the dog leg junction to nowhere in Stratford and I've still never been able to understand why is it there, like that?? But if the Northwall road is anything to go by I guess it just wasn't that well thought through.
Taking a quick poll of people who sit near me in the office... Many have heard of, or visited DG once or twice. I am the only regular reader in the office, but a poll of my friends would be a bit more self-selecting. I think DG is better known than you might think, but the number of people who read a daily blog at all (even I'm only commenting now because I don't at the weekend) is quite small.

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