please empty your brain below

I started off trying to relate the pictures with your descriptions. But, alas, no that's not possible.

10 properties, but only 5 photos. What a pity.
I've lived in 12 properties in my life, and I'm now tempted to at least use Street View to spy on the 6 that were in Canada.

My experience of new-build properties is much the same. The shonkiest of the lot. It was 2000s-built and when I prised off the light switch to put a dimmer on, the wiring wasn't to code.
I’m guessing that property 4 was on the Cowley rd. Oxford!
I was looking for the Oxford property too!
Lived in 4 properties

1st was a flat in Greenwich no idea of date but probably 60s
2nd was a 2 bed house built in 1977 we were the 1st to move in
3rd was 4 bedroom house built in the 50s (lived with my nan who had brought up 8 children)
4th and current 1 bed flat built in 1970
I cannot be the only one who wants to know more about the adulterous duplicity.

Totally fascinating, thankyou! I may try my hand at something similar - oddly I have just been involved in a social media conversation about a house I once lived in on the fringes of the Menai, learning a little about previous inhabitants.
Have you ever lived in a property where the street number was the same as your age?

dg writes: no

I have only had this happen once, quite recently, between March 2019 and March 2020 when I was 34 at Number 34.

Incidentally the highest-numbered property (168) was where I lived at my lowest age (birth to 3 months).
In every dream home a heartache.
9. This one surprised me as the pictures seem to imply that at least 3 properties had sash windows!

I didn't think I'd live in many houses at all, but my student/newly graduated years doubled the total!
Picture1. Duke, Sportsman Artichoke, Coach or Fox?
Would be interesting to know stats around the house numbers.

Not the exact numbers, just lowest, highest (absolute and by % of range in the road), histogram by e.g. 10's or 20's. That would give a sense of which were in culdesacs/small developments and which were on longer roads.

And which ones had broadband (and speeds).

dg rolls his eyes & shakes his head
Sorry for being lazy, but have you moved since this blog started? If not then 10-0 record seems extreme (said the person who have only lived at 3 properties, with the current one well over 2/3 of his life)
I remember having a ‘party line’ growing up in Morden in the mid/late 1960’s. We would pick up the phone and hear the neighbours having a conversation. Had to put it down again and try 10 minutes later.

I remember our phone number too, which was Derwent 6304. The Derwent stood for 337, or DER. If you dialled us from outside London, you had to add 01 at the beginning.
14 properties in 59 years.
Oldest: 17th century.
Newest: 1970s.
Owned: Two.
Since demolished: Two.
Phone numbers I can remember: Two.
Front and back doors on different floors: Two.
Visited since moving out: Two.
Without a back door: Two.
Without a TV: Three.
Without central heating: Four.
17 in 47 years, in 4 countries.

One listed building (brutalist, leaking), two seconds away from the sea, two a few minutes away.

Nicest ones generally built in the 19th century, in England or Scotland.
Eleven properties in 60+ years. Ages ranging from mid-Victorian to 1960s. Longest time in any one house - 29 years (and counting)
House numbers (not in chronological order) 9,11,11,22,37,38,39,181,323

All but one in Greater London, and half of those in the SW postal area (including the one I was born in)
I have only had this happen once, recently in fact, between April 2020 and April 2021 when I was 25 at Number 25.

One listed building (beautiful actually), 3 seconds away from the river, two a few minutes away.
1980s detached
1970s detached x2
1990s detached
2000s detached

1890s flat x3
1880s house
1860s flat

1970s house (listed)
1970s flat (listed)

Quite like the fact I’ve lived in two listed brutalist homes and three built in the 1890s! Need a 2010s detached home next…
1880s homes X3
1950s pre fab bungalow
1970s tower block
1980s purpose built flat
1990s new build studio flat
I can't remember the ages of each place I have lived in; but the house numbers so far are:
2 (including the whole year I was aged 2), 132, 1, 12, 15, 6, 120, 11 and (my current home) 7
My son lived in this house for 10 of the 12 months he was aged 7, and my daughter turns 7 in two months time. So both my children will have ticked off "living in the same house number as their age" by their second home.

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