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Don't be misled by the colour of the trains on the Central line - it was actually the BREL version of the 1986 stock - the blue train - which was adopted as the basis of the 1992-stock, although some features from the other two prototypes were incorporated in the production series.

I love the idea of using a steamroller as a printing press!
I find it interesting that, when it came to preserving the 1986 stock, they only chose one. Why the green one I wonder?
Nightingale Lane not Road

dg writes: fixed, thanks.
Go on .. explain the Gunnersbury error. I'm too busy with work to figure it out ....
@Antipodean - there aren't many direct trains from Wimbledon to Gunnersbury! Fans of the London Reconnections Christmas quiz will know that a similar type of mistake appeared in a recent Southeastern timetable.

Whiff's comment, whilst accurate, is not the full truth: there aren't any direct trains from Wimbledon to Gunnersbury because the line as shown in the photo of the line diagram has never actually existed. I read recently that the connection at Richmond between the main South West Trains lines and the Tube/London Overground lines had been taken up. If this is so, then I guess the only simple way a train could travel from Wimbledon to Gunnersbury would be via Earls Court!
Many old tube trains seem to end up on the Isle of Wight, as it operates as a sort of retirement home for them.
A good article. I wish I could have been there, but was prevented by a grandchild-transport commitment. Which does lead me to a type whatever comment, that adults accompanying children (on rides or anywhere else) cannot be assumed, in the absence of DNA evidence, to have "recently sired" them. But never mind.

On the Isle of Wight, they do try to ensure that their ex-tube trains are as uniform a fleet as possible (for ease of maintenance). Whereas the aim at Acton is presumably maximum diversity.
Even if the connection at Richmond were still there, you would be travelling in the wrong direction between there and Gunnersbury!

To travel as shown on that map from Wimbledon Park to Kew Gardens via Wimbledon and Gunnersbury without passing through Richmond could be done via Twickenham (reverse) Brentford, and South Acton (reverse again). A route without reversal via Salisbury and Oxford will become available when the Chiltern route is completed between the two Oxford stations later this year.
I guess such kind of open day schedule is too fluctuating for a person who can spend at most a fortnight in London every year like me.

@Malcolm: Having been on a 483 twice, I really hope the 230 could take off and let more of UK experience LU stock first hand.
Wonder why it not open more often? Perhaps during school-holidays etc
I remember when station tube maps used to be worn out by people putting their fingers in a "we are here" kind of way
The Central line prototypes were actually desribed as orange, blue and green, and nicknamed Max, Andy and Hughie respectively because of their colour/appearance. Two are fairly obvious if you think about them, but for the third you need to know that Andy was short for Anderson...
@E at 5.39 "Wonder why it not open more often? Perhaps during school-holidays etc"

Because the Transport Museum has to recruit vast numbers of volunteers and hire agency staff to hold an open day.

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