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You can post as many Olympic articles as you like. I love them, especially the photos this time. Thanks
..always wonderful to see photos of the changing face of a walk we used to do so often when we lived in the area. Cheers.
As far as I am concerned you do not need to say sorry because you have been around the Olympic Park again.
You kept us informed throughout the areas conversion from run down industrial wasteland to a world sports venue, and I for one look forward to reading your reports of the next phase of transformation into sports arenas, parkland and apartments.
Wot they said. No apologies needed, and please don't stop Olympo-blogging any time soon - really enjoy reading them.
Yep, keep 'em coming DG whenever you choose to. It's great stuff and the pics are awesome.
The View Tube's Facebook page has some photos of their preparations to reopen. (you should be able to see them without being a member)
I would happily exchange any commercial broadcasting related post for five Olympic Park related ones.
A timely post. Only this morning I was thinking about the Olympic Park, in terms of the amount of groundwork that went on and what kind of archaeological finds might have been unearthed during the works.
It occurred to me I had no recollection of seeing or hearing any announcements on the news, or anywhere else.
My next thought was "I suppose I might get to read about whether they *did* find anything, someday...
... and it'll probably be on diamondgeezer"
Rogerw - There was a TV programme about the archaeological finds in the olympic park with Tony Robinson just before the Olympics - don't remember which channel it was on - also I agree with dg about the unobstructed views of the stadium now the temporary buildings have gone - it has never looked as empty and quiet as it does now - and it probably won't again once the park finally opens.
Are those horible electrified security fences coming down anytime soon. Can't see the point of them now. Some good scrap metal there!
"since Water Chariots went under" - an irresistible pun.:)
I wonder if any of their staff ever got paid. There have previously been comments from people who worked for them or knew someone who worked for them. Perhaps they can tell us.
Speaking of scrap value (as Phil was), I pass Woolwich Common every now and then, and have been watching the disassembly of the temporary structures put up for the shooting events.
Those huge, round-framed fans set into the 'skin' of the buildings, to extract fumes? They're currently being dragged to the edge of the site and cut up by a guy with an oxy-acetylene torch.
I guess that's the reality of it: that some of the items created for the Games are now nothing more than scrap :(
@ KissenMe: thanks for that
Hello Diamond Geezer, no need to apologise, your posts on the Olympics and Paralympics were invaluable and of great help. Your alternative sights to see in the Olympic Park was a great help. Please keep on posting ref the Olympics as your posts are of much interest to people like ourselves who do not live in the area. Looking forward to reading more Olympic Posts. Kindest Regards
Further to my posting, wonderful to see the beautiful flowers are still blooming, one of the highlights of our visits to the Games, such a shame they are out of bounds to the public languishing behind the fencing.
"If you're ever on a committee investigating London 2012 budgetary waste, I'd shine a torch here if I were you." Err, not quite right. It would have been paid for by LOCOG, which was paid from sponsorship, tickets and merchandise sales - not from public money.
It's still an utter waste of budget, no matter who's paying for it.

Out of interest, is turning the car pack back into parkland being paid for by LOCOG, the LLDC or the taxpayer?
More on the archaeology of the site - from a Stone Age flint tools, to an Iron Age roundhouse, the Roman road to Colchester, a 19th century boat, and WWII gun emplacements - here:

Lots of the finds are now at the Museum of London.

This was the TV programme, I think:

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