please empty your brain below

Answers are below...

...make your guesses before you peek...

1) Earl's Court
2) Warren Street
3) Oxford Circus
4) Stratford
5) West Ruislip
6) Pimlico
7) West Acton
8) Finsbury Park
9) Surrey Quays
10) Preston Road

How well did you do?
started at the beginning, got Earls Court.
Guessed only Finsbury Park correctly. Feel I should have got Earl's Court..
10/10. But Pimlico was hard, hard to really think about that one for a moment!
Just Earl's Court... should have got Surrey Quays cos it's just down the road :-/
Got Preston Road mixed up with Northwick Park. Got the others, some straight away, others (eg Stratford) only after much thought
Clearly I'm not a Tube geek. Only got Pimlico (for the Tate).
Only seven - mistook Finsbury Park for Mile End, Preston Road for Northwick Park, and Pimlico for Gunnersbury.
Without peeking:
1. Earls Court
2. Warren St
3. Oxford Circus
4. er, somewhere big with DLR - Stratford?
5. No idea
6. What's it called - Mudchute?
7. Aldgate?
8. Gloucester Rd - around there?
9. um
10. help

4/10 !
1,2 & 4

Put Kennington for 8. Getting ahead of myself there!
Well that turned out to be harder than I expected.
Harder than it first appears! I only managed half of it - 1, 2, 3, 4, and 9. Is Surrey Keys the only place on the map where a line splits into three?
Without peeking - 0!!
Shows how much I rely on the colours as visual cues!
I got seven, I should have got West Ruislip & Preston Road as well as I often am in those areas...West Acton had me stumped.
I got about half, maybe more if you're counting "the one above New Cross/Gate on the Overground" or "the one before Ealing Broadway on the Central Lline" as valid answers. Which you're probably not.

I'm surprised that Pimlico stumped me - I had a feeling that it was something on the south-west of the map but had no idea where.
9/10: Guessed Northwick Park rather than Preston Road
10/10 Thought 6 & 10 the most difficult. 6 could work out as was on same line as Krapy Rubsnif. 10 was annoying me as originally thought was Ruislip but the two lines crossing one situation was reversed.

Interesting what Cornish Cockney said. I can't pass a colourblindness test but think I can see colours. The Central Line is red and the Victoria is light blue right?
5/10 for me - not too bad for a non-Londoner...!
Got all 10, although I admit cheating on a few (e.g. Oxford Circus) by using the easier ones to decode which patterns were assigned to which line. Nearly went with Northwick Park instead of Preston Road, but glad I didn't.
Half - Earls Court, Warren Street, Oxford Circus, Stratford and Surrey Quays. Maybe should've done better given who I work for.
Got them all right except 10 (thought it was Northwick Park) and 5 (guessed Harrow & Wealdstone for some reason).
All correct except (7) West Acton. Thought that was West Harrow for some reason. Bah!
Only 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 & 9 I'm afraid. Pimlico... Grrr.
5/10. Made a couple of same mistakes as others -- Harrow & W for West Ruislip and Mile End for Finsbury Park. Didn't think to check colour codings for those I was unsure of against those I was.

Pimlico was a doddle though, given the Thames' position. I guess other people don't pay heed to it as it doesn't directly affect their journeys?
Got 1 to 5 and 9... Finsbury Park I mistook for Jubilee/Met line peel off. 7 and 10 baffled me completely. As Gerry said... Pimlico... grrr!
9/10 - I'm a bit ropey on the north-western end of town so Preston Road stumped me.
@ Klepsie

Pimlico is a real stinker if you visualise the Thames as flowing west to east in central London.

It's a doddle if you cheat by working out the line, remembering that it's the only Vic Line station without an interchange. If not, then DG will have cunningly derailed you into looking for a line running along the river embankment.

It looked a bit like the Isle of Dogs, so I guessed Wapping. Grrr...
West Ruislip caught me out. I only use it when I'm heading out on the High Wycombe line, so I don't think of it as a terminal station.
I got 8 out of 10. Like others, I mistook Finsbury Park for Mile End. I had Putney Bridge for Pimlico - wrong part of the Thames.

I hadn't even considered that the line marking was consistent. Since I didn't get Finsbury Park it wouldn't have helped me get Pimlico anyway.
I only got three, but it made me think of this link that I saw earlier and which I thought you and commenters might like.
After doing so well on the places quiz, er, 1/10 for this one, Surrey Docks. (Did you see what I did there?)
I hadn't realised just how important the colours are on the tube, I'd have got more with them. It goes to show the continuing genius behind it.
The trick is if there is one where two or more stations could be the answer, compare the pattern of the line with the other pictures. That will rule out possibilities. That's how I got Pimlico - as I originally thought it could be somewhere on the Wimbledon branch. Its also how I got Finsbury Park - I first of all thought it was Mile End.
3/10 - Earl's Ct, Stratford, Pimlico. I could 'see' the diagonal of the Victoria line running through a lot f them, not that it helped much. Annoyed by Surrey Quays.
Got 8/10, but most only by working out the line symbols.

7 I thought North Acton and 10 Northwick Park

Great quiz idea!
9/10, only mistake at Oxford Circus
i thought pimlico was surrey quays. looking back, obviously the wrong side of the river! Also couldn't work out Stratford, which looking back seems fairly obvious. Had no 10 as "one of the harrow stations". But otherwise all right! 6/10
8/10 - harder than I expected: I got three straight away then worked out another 5. I thought 4 might be Stratford but couldn't work out the mess of lines until I checked the map and realised I had forgotten about TFL rail. Also should have got Surrey Quays but I convinced myself it must be part of the 'new' Overground and therefore I wouldn't know the answer.
1 - Earls Court?
2 - Warren Street
3 - Oxford Street
4 - Stratford
5 - ?
6 - Pimlico?
7 - ?
8 - Finsbury Park
9 - Surrey Quays?
10 - ?

Not bad for an Eastern European having lived in London for just one and half years.

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