please empty your brain below

Is there not a small "Met Police museum" near Brompton, west London?
You certainly managed to get a lot of buildings covered during two days.
I was hoping for a dg report on the Granada Tooting.
There is a City Police museum, in Wood Street, near the Guildhall
A story I heard about Trinity Hospital was that they used to have a lot of land. However one of the early horse tram companies approached and wanted to buy the land so that their horses could graze. The land was sold and horses gave way to electricity and that means you need to build a power station and ...
I love the little curvy DLR train in your pic from the Distillery Tower.
Boy were you busy last weekend, not that I am surprised. Thanks for the reports.
Next year, could you run a competition where the winner gets to come with you on the open house weekend - that would be amazing!
The most amazing thing would be if Mr DG held his own open house!

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