please empty your brain below

I am NOT cycling home. Why? Eggsactly.

Ham: we could broom pool?

Re 4: I had some ginger and pumpkin muffins the other day. Delicious.

N° 6 had me in stitches.

I'm going out tonight anyway - too bad to all brats in the area.

Genius, sir. Well done.

Public Service Announcement

Roast pumpkin

Chunk up the pumpkin and place on a flat baking traypour over drile with a little olive oil (healthy) and pour over load of cream (more heathy). Cumin & corriander, black pepper & salt to taste. Roast in a hot oven.

This year's pumpkins are rubbish. It's all the wet weather.

Thank goodness I live in a 'secure' tower-block. The little horrors can't be bothered to come up to the 7th floor, if they buzz I just pretend I'm out. I've never eaten pumpkin in the whole of my very long life!

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