please empty your brain below

Eggs Benedict? In a caff like this?
You can't tell me that they can buy those ready prepared and heat them up in a microwave.
Would you mind going back and trying them out? My mind needs to be put at rest.

Thanks for the tip. A monthly photo from the View Tube then, perhaps, DG?

The Counter Cafe - - is excellent. Probably one of the best of London's best 'new school' coffee joints. Certainly the best in East London, except maybe for Taste of Bitter Love on Hackney Road. Really glad they're running something 'official'. Does this mean there's now two of them, or has the one on Roach Road been closed?

An, yes, they make all their food, including the Eggs Benedict, themselves. The homemade brownies are delish. At least, the ones at Roach Road are.

Ah, that would explain the leaflets for the Counter Cafe left lying around in the View Tube.

I must say, the brownies did look very homemade and very chocolatey. And very two-quid.

I must admit the cafe looks very good.

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