please empty your brain below

Great series - really enjoyed reading that. Thanks DG.
I am definitely going to start a band called Topiary Locomotive.

Excellent stuff, as ever
Did you ever reveal what Mr Station Bloke showed you on your visit to Roding Valley back in 2009?
For one who's never been east of Bank on the Central line I enjoyed your excursion into Essex. Can't wait for the next line. Thanks DG
are you going to complete the loop back to leytonstone, and visit the "magic bridge"?
James, I'm sure he didn't!

DG, if I remember rightly (which I may not), TfL changed the whole of the loop from Zone 5 to Zone 4 a few years ago (2007?) in an attempt to make it cheaper for poorer local residents to travel.

If I can find a press release I'll post the url.
magic bridge?!?
Did we every find out what the interesting thing the station master showed you last time was?
The loop was moved into zone 4 in 2007 to try and increase usage. Annoyingly, only my station is left in zone 5.

It's particularly frustrating in the evenings when there are numerous nearly empty trains for Woodford/Hainault/Newbury Park but very few for the Epping branch which results in a long wait and packed trains.

I've complained to TfL on many occasions but they maintain that Epping has the same number of trains as the other branch. Which is quite clearly bullshit, as anyone who's stood on a Central line eastbound platform after 8pm can testify.
I think you're being a bit unfair to Roding Valley and its shops as there are a couple of more functioning parades outside the front of the station. Note that the only functioning shop in your Station Parade appears to be a gun shop, and that gives every impression of being closed to prying eyes.

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