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Re: Platform 9¾

One day it will be, when King's Cross's Platform 0 is renumbered 1, and all the other platforms hike up one.

Except that the modern convention (not always applied) is that at the terminus the leftmost platform as you look down the track from the buffer stops is platform 1. So if they did renumber but also took the opportunity to standardise then platform 9¾ would be even more out of place.
Installing the thing in the first place was a nice and whimsical thing, but I feel a bit different if it has been appropriated by a commercial outfit. Presumably the station authorities allow them to control access, and let their queueing customers get in the way of other visitors? Are Warner Brothers involved in some way?
Not sure there is such a convention - certainly Euston doesn't comply, and that was rebuilt in the 1960s. Kings Cross's platforms were renumbered even more recently - until 1970 there was no platform 3 or platform 9 - the present platform 9 was platform 11. Marylebone is another example. The numbering of all three stations probably results from them having had room for expansion on the west (left) side
What I read on the web suggests the shop is licenecd by Warner Brothers. The merchandise is the same as that available at the Harry Potter Exeprience at Leavesden. (Which you get to from Euston, of course!)
Been there!!! No, I didn't have my photo taken! I did buy a one way ticket London to Hogwarts though.
And if you turn up in the morning before the shop is open, the half-a-trolley isn't there. Just a wall with a sign on it. Commercial takeover, oh yes.

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