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The oldest (51-plate) and fastest (22.5mph) bus so far. Surely now the 313 beckons - but for how far?
In some ways it's nice to keep the name of the old pub at the bus stop, but it's very confusing for someone not local. I remember seeing a bus timetable showing "Opposite Woolworths" so had to try and guess what shop used to be Woolworths. Not ideal.
I think one of the problems of electronic displays - particularly LED ones - is that bus operators seem to love putting lots of scrolling text on them. Fine if the bus is stationary, but a right pain if it's moving - there's no guarantee that the destination you need to know will be displayed before the bus has sailed past the stop.
Well then you just flag down the bus and ask him "Do you go to...?"

Also, unless the destinations are dynamic, it doesn't help if you don't know where you are exactly and there is no map at the bus stop.

FWIW, I haven't noticed an increase in the number of tourists doing this since the blinds on TfL buses started to become final destination only.
left-right scrolling text can be very disconcerting to an oncoming driver, especially at night when the text is much brighter than the bus itself, giving the impression the bus is veering to the right - towards you.
Noce to see todays' 84 and yesterday's 107 still had the dayglo yellow blinds rather than the dirty grey ones TfL seem to now favour.
The 84 bus has very fond memories for me. I took it from St Albans to Barnet for a first date with my now husband.
my friend always got the 84 from school to the other side of st albans. i was close enough to walk home. lovely big red bus.
Alas, the 84 is going the way of all flesh...

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