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Why don't you (or TfL) mention changing at Limehouse for C2C? And from the southern branch I suppose a trip to West Ham and then the District isn't even that bad either, depending on where you need to be exactly. I'm sure most people will just use Bank anyway.

Ah I see, they DO mention these options, but you only like to complain about the ones you don't like without mentioning that there are in fact valid alternatives too.

Apologies. I didn't discuss all the options because I didn't want to make today's post over-long. But OK...

c2c only run 6 trains an hour between Limehouse and Fenchurch Street, which includes a couple of quarter-hour gaps. There are more trains during the rush hour, but they're all already packed with Southend commuters. And the line change at Limehouse involves a long up-and-down slog on a too-narrow staircase.

And going via West Ham, that takes half an hour (on a good day) and is, in terms of distance, at least four times longer than the usual DLR journey.

Yes, I'm sure most people will use Bank anyway. But TfL advise them not to. And if you're trying to get to/from the Tower area, it's not actually a very efficient alternative.

And they wonder why the yuppie and city types (who can afford the running, parking and congestion charge costs) have cars in London.

Yes it all looks awful. Yes it all looks like someone has fouled up. But in reality the only alternative is to delay much needed projects and for some reason they seeem to be keen to get a lot of them done by 2012 with with a contingency margin to spare.

However you never hear of someone producing a better more workable solution although I do agree they never emphasise that you could walk just as quickly sometimes (perhaps they ought to make the walking routes more pleasant).

Many people get the impression that this is disjoint thinking by different departments. In reality they are all too painfully aware of how they impact on each other and do lots of planning and liason to try and achieve the least painful solution overall.

Spot on mate. Since I moved to Mile End about a year ago, it's gotten steadily more awkward getting to and from my work in New Cross to the point where I am just going to have to move. It used to be 18 minutes on the ELL, then whoops! that's closed, and now they're taking the Westferry-Deptford DLR route away from me too? Soon if I want to avoid going into the centre at rush hour the only thing I will be able to do is get the bus to Island Gardens and walk through the foot tunnel. I may as well get a wee kayak, and take it down the Regents Canal, across the river and up Deptford Creek every day.

I live in Rotherhithe and am thoroughly hacked off with all the closures; I know they're needed but do they have to do everything at once? We used to have 2 LUL lines, now have 1 which is now less reliable because of the signalling work, and at weekends we now often have NO trains at all. Aaaargh!

The DLR is a bl**dy joke! Sort it out please TFL. I live in New Cross and not only is the east london line closed, now the DLR is totally messed (and also closed this weekend!). 1 train every 10 min at rushour, I would not like to be on the platform then!

Aren't there going to be two platforms at Tower Gateway? One for alighting on the north side and one for boarding on the south side with a central single track. As the approach is singled anyway I don't think it will make much difference. On the whole won't the new station be an improvement? Or have I got this wrong?

The other problem with the East London Line extension is the work they have had to do with the new bridge between Liverpool Street and the old Shoreditch tube station. There have been several times where I have had to avoid Liverpool Street because of this, e.g. when the works overran in January, and therefore take quite a lengthy detour. I have also had to tackle the interchange between the Central Line and DLR at Bank several times, despite TfL's advice not to.

Come on TfL, sort it out!

I know I probably sound like an apologist for TfL (and I don't work for them - honest) but the bridge demolition works at Christmas did NOT overrun. In fact it finished early.

Network rail was doing rewiring at the same time and it was that which overran. It was a TfL (or their contractors) cock-up with the replacement bridge subsequently dropping off one of its jacks in the evening rush hour.

Ah - but it's even worse than you say. The 135 bus (which you gave an honourable mention to) would be a useful replacement service. But it runs through Aldgate. And tfl have decided that Aldgate will no longer be a one way circular - so there are roadworks and lane closures all over the shop - and that means that Aldgate is gridlock every rush hour.
I may be forced to walk as you suggest - my doctor would approve.

use a london Black cab ,
finest in the world.

I think the enforced diversion of the route 25 bendybuses (because they are too heavy for a bridge near Aldgate tube) also warrants a mention...


You should have seen the carnage on the isle of dogs this evening. One train every 10 minutes as advertised -- all of which were already packed to the rafters with punters from Bank. Island Gardens station operating a one out / one in policy. Quite literally hundreds of people walking from Canary Wharf, through Millwall park and through Greenwich foot tunnel, instead of the usual 50 or so at 6pm. Fortunately I live in Greenwich so I was largely unaffected by this (until it rains!), but a colleague of mine who travels from Bromley > Lewisham > Canary Wharf each day had his journey time extended by the best part of an hour. Which begs the question: Will DLR customers be able to claim their fare back each day via the >15 minute delay rule?

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