please empty your brain below

Thanks DG... Nice post!

It's five miles from me and I've never managed to get there! You've put me to shame - I'll have to make an effort now.

If you liked that, this is also fun, and a similar sort of atmosphere:

It's a bleak halt on the Hertford North line, trains from Moorgate via Finsbury Park.

dg nods: Ah yes. Changed now, thanks.

This is one of my local museums, and I recall recommending this to you some time ago for your 'W' museum. Good to see that my recommendation was taken on board, and even better that you've written such a great post on it. Thanks, DG!

On a sort of related topic, I see BMW have unveiled an e-car that is close to ready for use as a fleet vehicle.

It was good to see you enjoyed your trip to the London Motorcycle Museum at Greenford, a while back, and it's good, too, to see that you seem to have enjoyed your visit to this one, as well.

I knew about the one at Greenford but this is a new one on me: I'll have to get over there to check it out.

Hmmm. As regards BMWs and their 'e-cars' I think I'd have to say that the connection somehow seems a bit, erm... tenuous.

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