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The hunger strikes had been going on for several years before 1913.

dg says: Noted, and updated, thanks.
You have done a service to us all, good work Diamond Geezer. The big picture is explained here;

Paul Foot's outdated view is here

Give up all that LT stuff, your local history excellent. Ta G
I've thoroughly enjoyed this little bit of local history. Can't wait for more posts like this.
I used to live within a co ownership housing association property that was built on the site where "West Dene" once stood in Charteris Road Woodford Green,
a very interesting post DG thank you.
top articles DG, much appreciated
I've been to Woodford today to visit Sylvia's anti-aerial-warfare monument... post updated.

Pankhurst Green
What a remarkable woman. Thanks for all the info DG.
Fascinating; thanks. More please!
Great post. It may not be the kind that draws lots of responses {like the clocking-off one from Feb 20), but it's the type I enjoy most.

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