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Good morning DG. Apologies for no comments, I was away at Christmas and have been “catching up” since. Early morning quiet time has allowed me to read all the blogs. 👏🏻👏🏻
Please let me be early to wish you and yours a happy and healthy New Year! I won’t add prosperous because that may be a wish too far for most of us on here. 😏
Happy 2024 everyone! 🎉🥂🎉🥂
There's that absent sycophant you mentioned...
Mindful that there's still a bit of year left, so these aren't my final figures, however:

Distance run: 721km (up 218 on 2022)
Books read: 77 (up 8)
Songs played: 11175 (up 3739)
Countries visited: 3 (down 1 - I can't see this one changing today unless I start on the beers early!)
This year I cycled 2206km. That's roughly the same as last year, which is notable because I changed workplace (twice) this year, so stopped regularly commuting by bike in July and only did it a handful of times between then and October.
This year I cycled 1805km. That’s less than last year as I stopped in July for reasons. More in 2024 hopefully.
Only twice north of the Watford Gap?

There's half a country up there man!
I ran 486 Kilometres this year. 270Km are parkruns, the rest midweek runs in between Saturday’s.
I set foot in 29 counties this year, 6 of them only once. Greater London and Cambridgeshire were my top two at 184 and 165 days. My most visited station was Cambridge with 57 days used.
Flights taken: 19 (up 13)
Countries visited: 6 (up 4)
Rugby matches attended: 8 (level)
I’m updating the map live today, fwiw.
I ran 1,374km this year, more than double last year.
Trips abroad: 26
World Heritage Sites visited: 67
Inspired by your previous "count" postings, for the last couple of years I've been logging every time I "walk" in a borough (both London and elsewhere).

My criteria is a bit stricter than yours, in that just being somewhere doesn't count, but I visited 26 London Boroughs in the year. I hadn't realised until I checked my spreadsheet, that I'd visited all 10 Herts boroughs in the year.
My life is so dull at the moment all I can think of to count is laundry loads or hours worked per week - but that would just depress me!
Wishing you happy counting in 2024
Another frequently absent sycophant here, who reads almost daily but rarely comments (sorry!). Thanks for another year of diligent blogging and here's one more to add to the comments count for 2023.
When will we get the mystery count result?
I track the number of nights I have been away from home. 72 nights away in 2023.

Although there are still 12 hours left, I don't think I'll be taking another bus. I've only taken 30 TFL bus rides this year (down from 39 last year). 40% of all my travels (tracked by TFL) have involved a journey through Waterloo (down from 51% last year).

I'm currently tracking 363,205 fewer steps this year than last. I don't think I am going to make that up by midnight.

Happy New Year! Thank you for all the fascinating blogs in 2023 ... looking forward to what you have in store next year.
Whilst seeing the reason, I am nonetheless surprised Helen is quite so far out in front. If there were a list of characters who plummetted into silence since 2022, Ruairi must be at the top, I think.

dg writes: Ruari's appeared in 17 episodes, same as last year.
1613 miles(2596km) cycled, my highest except for 2021 when there wasn't anything esle to do!
A few new underground stations added so I'm up to a lifetime total of 55% of 272. Pathetic, I know, compared to many; but I'm not actively trying to visit them all.
Also with a few additions this year 39% of 360 National Trust properties, by my definition of what constitutes a "property".
Happy New Year DG and all his readers.
513 TfL bus journeys this year (though the month of May is missing a few days of data).
Putting in a congratulatory message, or thanks for another year of excellent reading, does not class us all as sycophants does it, just because it might be in terms a touch more formal than many people use?

Anyway, I wish you a happy and healthy year, and thank you as always for all you write. And all the best to all regular and irregular commenters and readers as well.

43 parkruns at 32 new venues. 14 new golf courses.
37 ceremonial counties / Welsh or Scottish local authorities visited. 273 days at least partially (not just passing through) in Hertfordshire, 93 in Tyne and Wear, 13 in the West Midlands, at least 8 in Greater London (I haven't kept track of how many times I visited family), 4 in North Yorkshire, 2 in Aberdeen, Cheshire, Conwy, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Gwynedd, Glasgow and Lancashire and 1 in each of the rest I visited.
Sorry, I haven't done anything worth counting in 2023, but thanks for the blog and all the best for 2024!
Happy New Year! Thanks for your daily contributions. I live in upstate New York now and appreciate your updates on my original home town, London!
Out of curiosity, are N-numbered night bus routes included in "bus routes ridden"? I don't think there are any sections of road that are only covered by "N" routes.

dg writes: no.
Ummm, how did you get to Croxley (Zone 7)? It would have been very tedious on the 142/258 bus then a long walk.
Or are you going to say that Croxley is not a London station ha!

dg writes: it's not in z4-6, nor in London.
I travelled on 406 National Rail trains in 2023 compared to 410 in 2022.

National Rail trains travelled on:
2023 406
2022 410
2021 450
2020 324
I have drunk 142 different beers in 2023 (including non-alcoholic beers)
No. of London Boroughs visited: 32 + City
Average no. of steps per day: 16,372
Photographs taken: 2401
Miles on foot: 2,561
Steps: 5,295,908
Alcoholic Beverages: 443
Days with Alcohol: 97
Calories Ingested: 754,221
Calories Burned w/exercise: 307,757
Weight Loss: 24.6lbs

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