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Great that she's back in the borough, but how long until the first reports of Canary Wharf's hired goons telling someone they're not allowed to photograph her because it's on private land?
Not exactly what Moore intended when he sold the statue to the council for much less than its market value.

Unfortunately the theft of part of Chadwick's "The Watchers" at Roehampton (and indeed of significant works by Hepworth and Moore elsewhere) shows what can happen, even in areas which have some security and are not open to the public 24/7.
I am very pleased that "Old Flo" has at last come home to Tower Hamlets where she belongs, although I would have been much happier if they had chosen a different location ie not sited on private land, perhaps pride of place outside the Town Hall at Whitechapel when it is finished would be a more appropriate location.
I hope the Canary Wharf Estate don't desecrate her as they have done to the Igor Mitoraj: Centauro which is now obliterated by food and drink outlets.
Henry Moore will be turning in his grave because his statue is in this dystopian place which I worked in for over a decade.
Outside the new Civic Centre (the old London Hospital Building) is indeed where she will be going once the redevelopment is complete.
I grew up in Ewhurst House and remember her fondly.
I can't help thinking that posture looks like one J├Ągerbomb too many on a Friday evening, which is perhaps not inappropriate for its present location.

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