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SMA6 only covers Stepney Green to Becontree. SMA7 Upminster to Becontree is not due to be commissioned until later this year.

dg writes: updated, thanks.
Paddington - “if only to crossrail”, yes but you can get from the street, via the purple train gateline, lift, corridor, lift, to the Bakerloo line platforms. So you can get there all the way - it’s just a protracted route to do so.
I shall be there today so can check, but I'm pretty sure Willesden Junction station does have wifi!

dg writes: I’m standing there now, and it doesn’t.
It seems the official celebration is at Baker Street but I'm too far away to pop along.
The Mayor just unveiled a heart-shaped roundel on the platform, you didn’t miss much.
Pity it has to be called Hammersmith & City:
- It’s too long winded
- The name could equally refer to the District
- it goes far beyond the City
- It was and should still be the Metropolitan
I was lucky enough to be on one of those trains that chuffed from Moorgate 10 years ago through all the stations to the west on a very cold night. What amazed me was the number of people on the platforms who were totally oblivious to what was passing them by.
Because of a points failure around Baker St we got the bonus of a few extra stations!
I wish the rollout of Wi-fi would also see a return to people using headphones or ear-buds when using their newly connected devices!
Regarding Paddington, there has been a lift owned by Network Rail in place for a number of years (probably when The Lawn) refurbishment took place. This would allow step free access to the Outer Rail platform.
Not only does the Elizabeth line shadow the original Underground line, but also the route of Shillibeer’s omnibus in 1829.
Not only does the Elizabeth line go from Farringdon to Paddington, it also - like the original Met - has trains to Slough (but not Windsor).

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