please empty your brain below

I did the bit of the London Loop that passes Hall Place late last year, but seeing as it was December and getting dark by the time I reached there, I didn't have time to pay a visit. Have been meaning to go back ever since, thanks for the reminder DG, looks like it's worth a trip out that way.

I past this place on the London LOOP and thought it was a National Trust property. Amazing that all that is free. Thank you for the tip - I will go and visit it myself!

"Sound and vision" was the title of the ATV startup, which you can hear and see here:

Alternatively you can check this webpage:

I ran section 1 on the London loop and stopped by July 2023. The house is only open on certain days for visit or weddings. The rose garden has been taken down due to rose garden disease. But it is still a special place, and the cafeteria caters for now older oldies as described.

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