please empty your brain below

The story of this pub and its Easter "bun" tradition was on the Easter Great British Bake Off. The show is repeated tomorrow on BBC2.
This pub was also featured recently on "Ade [Edmonson]in Britain".

As it is so close to where I guess DGHQ must be, I had assumed that you'd have visited the place a long time ago.
In a good pub, no one need ever be a stranger.
The Pub is a listed building and has just recently applied for planing permission to add another floor which will be ( if permission is granted) a brand new flat and also to build a brand new 4 bedroom house within what is now the car parking area.
The ceremony was mentioned over here recently too:
There used to be a big sign on the roof and above the windows that said "The Widows Son on the site known as The Bun House"

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