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And I work on Wood Street. So am tempted to check these out very soon indeed.
I like them, although it'd have been nice to have curved benches on the curved bits, the only concern is how popular the handrails will be as bird perches, although the Corporation do seem to be more fastidious about cleanliness.
damn, i was around the corner at the MoL yesterday and didn't realise they had opened.
Great minds think alike - I wandered along there yesterday after my three-weekly visit to Barbican Library. The stroll past fragments of the Roman wall brought memories of the highwalks in the 70s and 80s, the first-floor-level pubs (Plough and Podium) gone never to return, the hexagonal shop units which never really took off.
When the current development at 21 Moorfields is complete (which should be after Crossrail opens), I believe it will be possible to walk from the east end of Devonshire Square (near Liverpool Street station) to Farringdon Road by Farringdon station without once crossing a road (here I'm defining a road as one open to motorised vehicles). I'd imagine you'd have to pay at the Crossrail gatelines, but still - very cool.

Perhaps given what you've said here it'll even be possible before that - if the highwalk to the Fore Street entrance of Moorgate station is complete before this development.

The route would be Devonshire square - subway on the east side of Bishopsgate to Liverpool Street station - Crossrail platforms - Moorgate station - exit adjacent to the Barbican highwalks - use those to get to Barbican station - walk along the Crossrail platforms - exit at Farringdon station.

Does anyone have any advance on this route for longest walking route across the city? I'm wondering if it's technically further to use the highwalks to get down to Sundial Court/ultimately the corner of Threadneedle Street and Old Broad Street, even though it seems less impressive to me as it's more of an L-shaped route.
Was at Charterhouse yesterday so would have been nice to have popped along afterwards, but I'm often at the MoL so will add it too my list for next time!
I wonder how appealing the skateboard-shaped benches will be to skateboarders?
Was a pleasure to finally walk on the Highwalk yesterday as my commute takes me from Moorgate to Little Britain early morning. As a lot of the route is now covered it makes a great little diversion during the rain. Thanks DG for the post!
When I started work in the City in the mid-1970s I made regular visits to London Wall, passing places I could recognise as locations from Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) and the closing scenes of Blow Up.
The concept of separating pedestrians and traffic on different levels seemed 'visionary.' I still have some memory of the highwalk having a dead end near where the Museum of London roundabout is now, and assuming that further extensions were in the planning. It was a disappointment to see some of the highwalks falling into disuse and ultimately being demolished, so thanks for the news that some of the ones lost have been reinstated.
(Yes, Ian, I also remember the pubs. I also have some recollection of a florist's which always had an impressive display of plants and flowers around its frontage.)
"These medial seats look perfect for bedding down on for the night, so I'm assuming can't yet have all their attachments in place."

For when the attachments do hold up, be sure to flag them as such with the Design Crime stickers available from

Talking of, who owns the new pedways? Are they public, or psuedo-public?
I'm now completely jealous of everyone that gets to sit among the ruins of an old church every day during lunch. This is urban planning on an epic scale. Ancient....Modern. Spiritual....Financial. Awesome.
A little late, but to respond to TheLupineOne's query about the ownership of the new pedways, it looks like The City has taken these on, and declared them to be "city walkways". Which sounds like good news. This according to a sign attached to the railings, pictured here:
Piece about this in the Guardian:

dg writes: ...which kindly links back here :)

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