please empty your brain below

I hope 'no more meetings here' only denotes yet another office move, rather than a wider round of enforced retirements?

I much prefer the image of her in some mansion bought from the proceeds of all the money she fiddled over the years thinking to herself "what a bunch of morons they were".

I don't think Doris is like that Mike.

your a good man DG

That reminds me of the lovely cleaning ladies we lost through compulsory competitive tendering. They were so certain they couldn't lose the contract because they were so effective - little did they know that the spec was written to such a low standard that a budget company could swipe it off them and get away with doing only a fraction of what the job really needed. Sad.

This reminds me of an 'Important Lesson' I read about a new college student being given a test on life in and around the college. He couldn't answer the question which asked the name of the cleaning lady. The lecturer told the class; "In your careers, you will meet many people. All are significant. They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say "hello."

Three cheers for the Doris' everywhere.

The world needs more Doriseseses. Being self employed, I am my own Doris (that sounds so wrong), but working with companies across Europe, it's amazing to find that Dorises (and their Continental sisters) are really appreciated by the people they deal with (mostly) but rarely by the corporate masters.

I hear you about Doris... Why don't we trust Doris to make the sandwiches any more? (Yes, I had to put up with my own round of rubber wraps at a lunchtime meeting today...)

I'm glad the (alleged) TfL crowd didn't stop this getting published.

The presence of biscuits under clingfilm confirms that, and I mean this in the kindest way, Diamond Geezer is a public employee!

Arrr- The Tea Lady post.
Tea Ladies are, unfortunately, almost extinct in our self service world even if there are not office moves or redundancies involved.

An office that I visit is currently considering buying a splangly machine that plumbs into the hot water supply and produces coffee and tea almost instantly. People don't have time to boil a kettle.

Why does everything have to be faster? What will happen to the 3-4 minutes saved?

Perhaps I am just getting old.

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