please empty your brain below

Yeah, people docking/undocking bikes all hours within yards of people's bedrooms.

white bikes? aren't they 'barclays blue'?

dg writes: white and black chassis, with blue trim. Reference to colour now removed, ta.

I feel more confident when i call the customer services of my bank, or my mobile phone providor than when i have to call the number for bike scheme, and that's saying something.

My plastic key has split open once already and had to be replaced, and i didn't even use it everyday like some people do.

When it works - it's brilliant, but there have been too many niggly moments of it not working for one reason or another to be completely happy it.

The other day, on a 'walk london' map I also saw some 'docking blobs' which would suggest that it's being extended west as well to Shepherds Bus and westfield, etc.. Still waiting for that to physically manifest itself though.

@Kim, where I live it is even worse. People drive *cars* within yards of people's bedrooms...

@DG I fear you may have been misled by TfL's map, they have a record of marking new docks as live on the map before they are fully functioning. I think these docks need real world verification. Any volunteers to cycle there?

@GeoffTech Yes - a small extension to shepherd's bush (funded by Westfield!) is on the way.

Rather than swap the signs over, can't they just be turned round to face the other way?

@Dan A trip along CS2 on the offchance that I can dock when I get there? No thanks! The interactive map shows no docking stations at Bow, although there is one outlier in Bethnal Green

@Geofftech - yes, I agree the number of questions you have to answer before they will discuss anything with you (account-related or not) is daft, but the helpline staff are usually very helpful - even if their knowledge of London's geography is not perfect - "NO! Waterloo Place (near Picadilly Circus) is not a convenient place to dock if there is, as is so often the case, no room at Waterloo Station".

I had a key fall apart - replaced without quibble.

I use the service nearly every day: my main gripes are distribution problems - not being able to find a bike or, worse, not being able to get rid of it again - and the rip-off phone number they want you to use. OFTEL advises 0845 numbers should not be used for public services, especially when most calls to them will be from mobile phones. non-geographic 03xx numbers have been devised specially for public services: and in any case a geographic London 020 number is adimrably suited to a London-based service. At least, unlike TfL's main number, they offer a proper number 020 8216 6666 - let's all use that.

I've used it quite a lot and have never had any problems other than occasionally finding one in the first place, key works fine every time and have only had to call once, and on that occasion the operator could not have been more charming, friendly & helpful, I've been quite surprised

Similar thing happened outside Shadwell overground - went out to work one day two weeks ago with nothing there (with the civils having been done back in October) and came home in the evening to find 35 odd docking stations ready to go. Still no bikes though...

However, looking at the map, someone has obviously now pedalled as far as Bow!

DG,are you aware of any cycle hire schemes being planned for the Waltham Forest area ?.

@joe There are none. Don't expect one for a long time either. Hackney must come first and that's not even scheduled yet...

The groundwork for the Westfield sites is being done.

Cheers Dan !.

Dockings stations going up right now on CS3 at the junction of Cable St and Sutton St - within sight of the one outside Shadwell Overground - overkill!

Anyone know of where to find a list of these planned docking stations in the East?

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