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point of information. Queens Park to Harrow and Wealdstone are not run by National Rail they are run by London Overground which is part of TFL. I know because London Midland won't give me a refund on late running trains out of H & W as it is a TFL station and therefore I'm not entitled to one

Stratford could be open 24/7 but there will always be a queue. Can't wait to see how that pans out during the Olympics.

dg writes: The ticket office by the Jubilee line has closed, but a new ticket office will open soon on the bridge to Westfield.

Bow Road Station ticket office opens at Midnight and closes at 14:45 on a Saturday? Surely some mistake?

dg writes: Yes, there's a mistake on the TfL map (it actually opens at 0900).

It's also worth noting that the Crossrail stations will have limited options for "human purchasing" as they expect hardly any need for them by the time the railway opens.

If passenger safety etc were really the reason for the RMT strikes, you'd expect them to be making a huge fuss about that. The are oddly quiet about that.

Doesn't the DLR have a ticket office at City Airport station?

Bank, Canning Town, West Ham, Stratford and Lewisham DLR stations have ticket offices, because they're Tube or train stations as well.

The key to all this is going to be the distribution. If it means getting them from behind the counter to out in the ticket hall area, gateline or on platforms, I'm all for it.

Personally, I feel this is, quite possibly, a load of bollocks and that it's simply a way of reducing staff. I used to pass through Turnham Green in the evenings and after 8pm it was absolutely deserted of any staff at all, even in the big glass-fronted control room. I'd always assumed that there was *somebody* there, although perhaps not. ASLEFShrugged's blog has been highlighting the increasing occasions when stations at the east end of the Central line have been left unstaffed. TfL are playing a dangerous game here - all that needs to happen is one murder or one serious assault and they'll be getting called for all sorts and possibly even threatened with litigation too. That'll also kick the TUC off on strike with the public probably supporting them (including me, for the first time *evah*)

It's going to be interesting to see how this one unfolds.

DG, peewit:

In fact Queen's Park - Harrow & Wealdstone (with the exclusion of Willesden Junction) ARE operated by London Underground. They were transferred from Silverlink at the same time that franchise was taken over by London Overground.

However, I understand those stations still use NR rather than LU ticketing equipment. It may be the case that obligations to NR TOCs - mostly Overground but also London Midland - mean that ticket office opening hours cannot be changed as easily as elsewhere.

Why did the office at T5 go? Just curious.

DLR stations cope (coped) because a) a high % of passengers travel without tickets anyway, and b) passengers with Oyster Card issues and the like used to go to LU ticket offices to get these resolved. Not anymore maybe?

"DLR stations cope (coped) because a) a high % of passengers travel without tickets anyway"

Based on sitting on the DLR quite often when the ticket inspectors are around, I would say very few people travel without a valid ticket.

West Brompton has had its weekday hours extended, so thats one station ticket office with longer weekday opening hours

I've updated the data, thanks, to show that
a) London Overground runs QP → H&W
b) West Brompton's open longer on weekdays

I can assure that ticketless travel on DLR is only about 2-3% - this is about the same as on London Underground and on non-bendy buses.

(Yes, it is possible to measure ticketless travel, and no, it's not done using ticket inspectors!)

I suspect that London Overground doesn't run Barking, Upminster, Ealing Broadway or Wimbledon, not least because LO trains don't serve the latter three ! I think these are run by the respective Train Op Company, but I bow to those with superior knowledge !

LO doesn't run Richmond either - both Richmond and Wimbledon are SWT - indeed these two (and possibly Clapham Junction?) are the only SWT-run stations where you can top up an Oyster card.

C2C run Barking and Upminster. First Great Western run Ealing Broadway. Terminal 5 does have a ticket office, run by Heathrow Express.

Stratford will have a new ticket office in the Northern Ticket Hall by Westfield, and ticket machines on the new 'Mezzanine' ticket hall on the bridge.

OK, yes, those 17 stations aren't all run by London Overground. Let me change that again...

Friday update: Having spotted two nasty cut and paste errors, I've updated the post.

Overall opening hours look even worse now.

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